We Are Pathfinders

waves of light eraoflightdotcomI don’t know about you all but it has been a whirlwind of Energy’s and events, since 2019 was birthed, pushing us forward like a triathlon, never allowing us to stop and take a breath. One energy after another rewrites our life scripts we have memorized. Whether on Mother Earth or in the heavens and skies everything has stirred in a big Cosmic pot, since the beginning of 2019.

Finally we all begin to feel a little better inside like a daffodil pushing through the frozen ground seeking some kind of light, and pow to the moon as more and more unusual weather and life patterns come our way saturating our very worlds. We are so programmed to reach for more light in these dreary days. The elements have become expandable and trade places with each other like snow in Hawaii and Florida. We are on edge like a cat in the winter woods jumping at every moon shadow, always waiting for something unexpected. Our adrenals are on high 24 hrs. a day without pause.

The moons are becoming Bigger and Bluer and the night sky changes its pigmentations and pixels. Planets and stars have asteroid eclipses showing off their true underbelly to all that have the eyes to see. Each new realization on Earth, each new find of ancient eras, activates cellular records of remembrance. Everyday our ancient knowing’s are birthed over and over again as what we believe is finally proven and given full credit. At that point we come to a miraculous realization that holding anything in a place of light and soul knowing will eventually give it ‘proof of life’.

We are all pursuing a cosmic carrot, something juicy to hang in front of us, to give us hope, to give us a reason for all of this craziness, and to give us renewal. We can feel the dimensional fluidity and variance, we can hear the dimensions stretching, we can sense it and smell it as our earthiness kicks in. We are not in the same space and time, as we were only a few months ago. There is a perceivable difference to this place, and Like a Stranger in a Strange Land we venture out into the unknown on our Quest. Our Quest For Truth For Love for peace and a smile. Our quest to know that justice will triumph, that light will always see victory and that love lives in all of the universe

We all feel the need to follow ‘A New Path’ one that is lit by the future and not the past. One that excites our curiosity, increases our heartbeat, and allows a smile to enter our eyes. We are all on a journey of time known and unknown, in a space that was given to us as a gift.

We are Pathfinders that seek illumination. The soul becomes itchy as does the feet as we move forward into spring. We are tired of being afraid of our future, ourselves, our world and we choose to wear the armor of one that is fearless in their quest. We Are ‘The Champions and the Cause’ has lived in our hearts and souls since time immortal. This next shift integrates slowly like a chameleon compelling a color change. However within the slow motion of Earth’s magnetic revolutions and time striations, a quickening is birthed.


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