Heavenletters: Stand Tall, Beloved

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, it isn’t exactly that I look upon you, although there is that. I look within Myself, and what do I see? Why, you resplendent within Me. I champion you Who art My very Self.

“Good job, God,” I say. Yes, I take credit, for you, for, yes, you are My Will, My Creation that I hand to you with great satisfaction. I know something good when I see it. I give you credit from the joy of My heart. Stand tall, Beloved. The soft spot of your head touches Heaven.

What a world I created with you in it. You shine Me to the Highest Heavens. You are greater than any image of Me. You surpass potential. It isn’t that someday you will reach My potential in full radiant colors. This is not an action or behavior I speak of. This is Being. You are My dream that became true before its potential. You are good at both the finite and the Infinite.

In you am I. In Me are you. We are not two separate people. If We were two people, you would be My Dream Come True. As it is, in the thought of you, you became My Creation. Oneness resides in One Heart in Heaven and on Earth. You, as Expanded Reality, arose at My bidding. I bear pride in you, yet, in no way do I have ego or give you over to ego.

I also go beyond the fiction of ego of which life on Earth has inflamed itself. Fiction is called-upon drama. Fiction is pulled out from a hat or an umbrella. Fiction in not the real deal. Fiction is made up and not worth your attention.

Excuse Me, what possible value can ego have for its own? Nada. It is all a story from which fiction is made. It is a blown-up balloon. The outside world is often no more than a pop-up. You may pump yourself up to be a big deal, of which you already have been before My very eyes.

Ah, recognition of Self as One – well, this is a different story. The true reflection of life is about your greatness without trimmings. There are better things to do than to puff yourself up. There is Vastness itself.

I say again that Godwriters become Godwriters without any puffing up. Of everyone who Godwrites, there is only one way, and that is effortlessly, otherwise you may take the true greatness of your God-Image aside in order to appear special when you ever were. Godwriting is a Come as You Are Party!

I must admit, sometimes I, Myself, am so excited to see what a Godwriting wonder you will turn out to be in the light of day. Listen to this: You will have your style without fancy fittings, because I am the Godwriter of note and the wonder you are to reveal.

No matter how resplendent you are, I am the Godwriter. No matter how majestic you may be, it is My Words that come through you. You echo what I say at the moment that they come through the tube through you. You speak the words I give you to speak, yet you are not the One who strings My Words together. This is good enough. This is what you are asked to do – to carry My Words forward, and that’s it. Yes, you are to interpret My Silent Words into the language you know. I dictate. You record. This is glory enough. This doesn’t make you a great shakes. This is My area of knowledge. You are a simple transmitter I thankfully borrow for the occasion, thank you.


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff