Lord Melchizedek: Do You Believe In Magic?

lord melchizedek eraoflightdotcomGreetings dears! Greetings beloveds! I AM Lord Melchizedek, I am your brother and family, I am your teacher and friend.

I come to bring you love and understanding of these new times that are affecting everyone so profoundly. I come to activate and anchor your wisdom, your knowing of this New You. Well, you already remember that this is not really a New You, but a return to the original blueprint of the human, of the children of God, angels in form. But this is yet another discussion that we shall plan to discuss at some other time.

Dear hearts, it is the time for you to move on and shift into your missions, and into that wholeness of yours. It is time to let go of the old ways and of the old you. What had worked so well in the past, and we do thank you for your diligent response to your soul’s requirements, is being updated and changed.

You could say that you have been upgraded, that you have graduated to yet another level. But I love to address you as adults, as mature beings, masters of love and light who have been promoted and rewarded for the constancy and focus of your love work. And because of this astonishing accomplishment, everyone is moving up dear brothers and sisters, everyone that is even remotely related to you, and how can they not be, for every single one needs to move on.

And this is marvelous news that I love to bring thee, but at the same time, it is also marvelous for us as your teachers and masters in the unseen realms. We get to talk to thee about the deeper truths of how universes work, and the “how-to” in this process of creating from love; we get to walk closer to thee and to have the joy of co-creating with you these new worlds, this Nova Earth, as well as worlds beyond this one.

Dear ones, I am asking you: “Do you believe in magic?” and if you do, “do you believe and trust yourselves? Are you willing to step forward into your new roles as a Creator Race leaving behind the old yous?”

You have done an outstanding job in clearing your deepest fears, and in removing any shackles of disempowerment and limitation. During this work, you have assisted so many others to do the same. It is time for you to move up and expand yourselves, not only to a higher level – say as teachers and way-showers – but at a deeper level into exploring and bringing into this reality all of who you truly are.

Your shift in behavior and in being is to be even more directed inwards to your soul’s desires, and into listening to your hearts’ song. It is about tuning into your unique voice and sacred purpose, and bringing all that you hear, bringing all of that, out into this reality. For you see, this is what you are here to do, and this is the most thorough and enlightened way in which you impact the transformation and upliftment of the world.

And I will be here for you, to hold you, to cheer and applaud you, and to encourage you to reveal yourselves totally, showing to others the splendor of your wholeness.

These are sweet and exciting times, dear brothers and sisters. I am honored to be traveling with you! You are so loved!

Farewell, though I am standing right beside you! Farewell for now!


» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle