Lord Melchizedek: What Happens Here Reverberates Across The Galaxy

lord melchizedek eraoflightdotcomI am the one known as Melchizedek.  I have not spoken through this one before, nor been with this group before.  But it is time.  And I prepared this one, James, for this occasion, sending him energy, matching his energy with my energy.  Otherwise, he would not have been able to withstand this.  And even in so doing of matching these energies, it was a difficult time for him, as he felt his heart racing over a period of time, here, as the preparations were made.

And I tell you this, not because of this one, James, but because of all of you.  Because all of you, now, are moving through this ascension process.  And all of you will begin to have not necessarily uncomfortable signs of the changes within you, but some yes, it will be somewhat uncomfortable.  But if you know beforehand as your heart begins to race, as your stomach begins to turn, as the headaches become a little bit more prevalent within you, as the energies move within your body and you know not whence they come, why they are there, what are you experiencing.  Some may even feel at times, and may ask the question within themselves, “am I dying?”  No.  You are not dying.  You are living.  You are growing.  You are experiencing.  You are becoming.  You are becoming all that you were meant to be and more.

You are returning, many of you, most of you, are returning to your former selves.  But returning to your former selves with the knowing that you have now of this experience that you have had in this world, in this solar system, and yes, for many of you, even in this galaxy. For many of you come from far off, galaxies far, far away, and you have come here to experience, to grow, and to help those around you to experience and grow.

And yes, it seems at times as if you are spinning your wheels, as if the entire earth is spinning her wheels and not going anywhere.  But those of you know deeply within that all is changing.  Not just a few things here and there, but all is in process of change.  Your entire life as you know it is going away.  The comfort zones that you have come to know are falling away, as they must.  But those of you who have been prepared and preparing, and becoming accustomed to these energies more and more, those of you know that these changes are happening.  And they are certainly happening for the betterment of all of mankind.

And I tell you, not only here on this planet, but throughout the entire solar system, and yes, even throughout the galaxy.  Because what happens here reverberates across the galaxy.  As the wings of the butterfly flaps together here, the wind of change is felt across the galaxy itself.  Know that.  You know that as the “butterfly effect.”  You know that as you do something for another here on this planet, you do it for all across the planet, the solar system, and the galaxy.

Every single motion that you make, even every single thought that you have, reverberates out.  So think for a moment about those thoughts that you have every day, and how they are affecting the collective consciousness of the entire galaxy.

And then you wonder, “what difference can I make?”  Well, my friends, you are making a difference every moment of your life.  Every thought makes a difference.  So know that when you feel less than, like you are not doing anything to bring about these changes, that everyone else is doing it around you but you.  Well, I tell you, that is certainly not true.  You, you yourself, and all of the multi-dimensional parts of your selves, are making a difference.  You are you.  You are the power within you.  Hold that power.  Grab that power.  Be that power within you.  Because that power is the source of all of creation within you.

Your programming, your three-dimensional programming, has held that back from you, has kept you from knowing the truth about yourselves, so that control could be maintained, that you could be controlled.  But I tell you, no longer.  For this is a NEW world.  This is a new paradigm, and you are that new paradigm.

So go out now, every and every day of your life moving forward, and know that you have the power within you, that you are that power, and that you speak that power to all that you come in contact with.  And when you speak that power, you speak the Source to all.  And all reverberates from that power that you speak.

I am Melchizedek, and I appreciate this time that I can be with you in the hopes that even a small portion of what I have given you this day will make a difference within you, knowing that you are making a difference within the ALL.

All of my peace, my power, my love, my knowingness be with each and every one of you.



» Source » Channel: James McConnell