Sirian Council: Earth is Protected

love earth eraoflightdotcomHello, we are the Sirian Council for Planetary Advancement. We too are assisting with many others to balance the energies, to provide witness and to offer technologies once the energies have appropriately risen. Much is underway. We are friendly. We are scientists and although we are not as open and conversational as our Andromedans friends, we do have much math and science advancements and technology that we will share only at the appropriate time. We have seen much destruction and misuse of technology harming your planetary sphere which grieves us, for eons ago this happened to our own realm and it took much time, love and healing to recover. And much was unrecoverable. Such destruction shall not be allowed again here. (Tremendous grief / sadness).

The physical emotional planetary sphere and body must be protected, defended. We Sirians defend planets undergoing massive changes. Such as you are physically embodied with the similar material encodements you will benefit as being physically embodied at this precious Now. But we are really here for Gaia. We honor her. We extend our right hands in service.

We see fields of flowers in bloom across current wastelands.
We see ancient forests renewed in your deserts.
We see streams of freshwater nourishing the land.
We see humankind greatly benefiting from these changes, renewed in their understanding of conservation and living a purpose-filled life, with intention and raised consciousness.
We see humankind’s heart space expanding.
We see rainbows of ships, of elementals covering your skies in peace, in love.
We see fear transformed into purpose-filled action of change to protect your Gaia, to ensure her healing.
We see the dark ones rounded up and recycled, their pain transformed into light and the pain they have inflicted transformed into healing with only the lessons learned retained.

We see many things. We see you, humans who are awake and reading, we see you as the leaders of this, as the champions of this, as the forerunners of these most glorious energy changes. We salute you.

We are the Sirian Council for Planetary Advancement and are currently operational at 100% for Gaia. We extend our hands in greeting and in service. We are eager to connect more fully with our ground team. Yes, we too have a ground team. We all do. There are many of us, there are many of you and together we will extend healing, love and renewal to your dear planetary Mother Gaia who waits not much longer. A new reality has been birthed. It is this reality that must be cleansed and renewed and caught up to speed. And so we do this. Day by day, with you, we do this. Continue the work. There is much to be done. We salute you ground team. Over and out.


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