The Andromedan Collective: Surfing Waves

galaxy eraoflightdotcomHello neighbors! We are the Andromedan Collective, sending you warm greetings of well wishing and love on this bright day of ascension energies! This last week has been very intense for many of you energetically and to this we say well done! For you have surfed some incredibly big waves this week and have not been dragged out to sea or stuck in the undertow. You have all done exceptionally well and so to this we say hold on, for more is coming. For so much, so much pain has to be transmuted here and you transmuters are truly remarkable for how much you have agreed to undertake and still not be stuck in the undertow. For we see you as surfing these waves, on the high point of the waves of energies of love from Mother and although you may feel like you have sand in your shorts and in your teeth, truly you are doing remarkably well.

And so to this, we encourage rest and self love, self care. We encourage hot epsom salt baths and vegan diets, little to no alcohol, bright sunshine and meditation time. We hear many of you groaning that you do not have time for this. Start with little changes, with little jewels of time carved out for just you and see how each little jewel daily becomes a lovely necklace of peace that you can wear across your energy signature and in time friends it becomes a lovely adornment of a soul at peace. So please do not say no right away, for there are new lovely energies about, much different than the old matrix of control and unpleasantries. This is a lovely time to create some new habits and patterns for yourself. We encourage you to find something that brings joy to you and do that regularly. Look forward to a moment, a time for your meditation, for your own healing. Your bodies will tell you what they need if you pause and take stock and listen with a loving heart. Your bodies are working overtime and we are delighted with how well they are holding up and exceeding what we thought was possible.

We have been able to join forces with our Pleiadian friends and assist with buffering and channeling this energy to you all friends and we have been able to proceed much faster than was anticipated several plans ago. Ascension Earth is a massive undertaking and there have been too many plans to count really, many more than just Plan B. You are likely on Plan MXBQRTZ123! And that is ok! For creativity, creation is a moment by moment experience and so of course the energies that supported another plan have shifted and now the newer energies are so much higher and can support a more advanced plan. And so it continues.

It is our great joy, honor, and pleasure to support the ground team of the ages with our love and technologies and hopefully soon camaraderie! You are the apple of the eye of this universe and many others. You are the stuff of legends and it brings us great joy to assist you and dear Gaia, your planetary mother who is birthing her new reality with forceful contractions. The energy waves are precursors and in many ways are the contractions. When you ground light, when you hold the light you hold the peace in the midst of the experience which is tangible to the others, although they may not be able to articulate it. You empaths have had so much to deal with. Hats off to you friends and neighbors. If there is anything you need from us please “knock on our door” and ask. Come on over and ask to borrow that proverbial cup of sugar and let’s have tea and chat. There is much to chat about, and much joy to learn from each other. We are the Andromedan Collective and it has provided much joy for us to connect with you this day. Peace.


» Channel: Galaxygirl