The Universe Wants You to Know

gateway of light eraoflightdotcomWhen feeling lost, it is not as much an absence of direction, but an inability to be soothed and made secure by our known ideas, beliefs, and viewpoints. To be lost is about losing our way. This doesn’t mean we’ve strayed off course, but veered into the direction of a grander plan.

When rooted in ego, there is a tendency to feel as if we’ve gone astray in our journey whenever heading in a direction that may differ from our personal desires. It’s not as if such desires won’t be fulfilled, but the journey required to become the one who is worthy and able to receive the grace of our desires may initially look like a path steering us away from it.

In order for new gifts of creation to dawn, the old must dissolve.

With fires, mud slides, hurricanes and harsh weather clearing away outdated paradigms, many are feeling the despair of bewilderment, as known reference points get shaken up to create space for new realities, perspectives, and miracles to surface.

Just as there are cycles of grief when mourning the loss of our closest friends and relatives, in our own unique way, each of us are purging the losses of our known realities, as we courageously step forward into exciting new frontiers. It doesn’t mean the things we desire are long gone, or that any degree of hope must be laid to rest.

Instead, the fading away of the old is an opportunity to release the way in which the outcomes we desire most find their way to us. Whenever overwhelmed by loss, feeling unsafe without the comfort of known ideas, or unable to foresee how things can positively play out, please repeat the following mantra, either silently or out loud: “I accept I will always get everything I desire, no matter how my journey unfolds.”

Such a mantra instills us with the vibrations of faith, harmony, and patience to allow the Universe to be the cosmic storyteller of our life’s journey, instead of narrated by the insufferable criticisms and projections of ego. May we allow the old realities that are dissolving to be offered heartfelt farewells; grateful for all the gifts they provided as building blocks for an emerging 5D reality.

May we nurture the innocence in our hearts that may require more time and space to release the old, while stepping forward in service to assist those displaced by the fierce grace of our ever-changing environment. May we allow any degree of fear to be transformed into vibrations of passion and enthusiasm by remembering, “I will always get everything I desire, no matter how my journey unfolds.”

Ultimately, we come to realize the inner and outer fires that burn away outdated creations to make space for brand new realities are the light of our eternal consciousness. At whatever pace we are destined to see it, may we realize ourselves to be the light of consciousness and not the things any circumstance can change.

This is one of the most potent reasons why we suffer as a result of the changes in our ongoing evolution. To be melted by the heat of each adversity is a way of softening the edges of our harshest viewpoints, so we come to see, “I am the fire, not the things being burnt by it.” You can burn objects within a fire, but the fire cannot be burned, just as waves can topple anything in the ocean except the ocean itself.

Dear beloved soul family, now is the time to become the metaphorical fire of change burning away outdated paradigms through the courageous choices we dare to make. Be the ocean that cannot be drowned by the impact of any wave by bringing our inner depth of wisdom to the forefront of each daily interaction. When life seems dark, we accept the invitation to dive deeper into our greatness than ever before — only to come out the other end as the dream come true reality we were born to be.

Please enjoy this deeply-healing newsletter as we dare to remember — no matter the circumstances in view, the Universe always has a plan for each and every one of us.

All for love,

Matt Kahn.


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