Alisheryia and the Ascended Dragon Collective:

dragons eraoflightdotcomGreetings ascending humans on ascending Gaia. We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We surround you now with the fiery light of our fiery encodements. Let them blast in, through and all around you, furthering you along your ascension journey. For nothing is as it seems. All is indeed proceeding quite well.

I am Alisheryia, female dragon, speaking for the whole tonight. It has been my privilege to work with many of you awake and aware warriors. For many of you work with us in your dream state in clearing the astral realms. There is still much to clear but much – much – has already been cleared, which gives great promise for completion. For the dark are running out of places to hide. There are fewer and fewer misty shadows of confusion remaining as the light blasts these away, bathing them in the love light of the Mother.

I am speaking tonight for it is high time that the voice of the divine feminine in all realms, in all beings, is heard with clarity and inner stillness of truth. I anchor the voice of the divine feminine on behalf of the dragon collective. It is my duty and my joy. I breathe my fire into your crown now, if you choose to participate, anchoring these codes of the divine fiery feminine with a warm glow of love, peace and serenity and strength. For as you know the divine feminine is many things; nurturing, loving, creating, fiercely protecting / defending her own. The Divine Mother of All Things has spoken and charged me with this message, it is true. For it is high time that the divine feminine returns to this previously unstable planet of masculine domination and over bearingness and abuse. No more. The Yang to the Yin has returned which is as it must be. For the hearts of humanity and for dear Gaia, who has taken so much abuse. No more.

For you are to be the example of perfect union of the divine masculine and feminine aspects, perfect union of the divine dance and lovemaking. For too long there has been little love in the making. We see this. We dragons see through the lies, the confusion, the greed with piercing clarity. You cannot fool a dragon. Do not even try, it will end badly for you. So it was in the older days. My heart swells with love and trust as I feel the vibrations of those of you reading these words. For the higher cosmic energies of the Divine Mother of All Things’ love has pierced many a heart and set many feet straight on the most divine path of love, and so talks of warnings of deceit are not as critical as they were previously. No.

Now is the time of love, of more trusting, of more sharing and camaraderie. For a new day is dawning and is dawning in the hearts of Gaia’s children, her true children, not the invaders who are being rounded up for their heinous crimes. We dragons wish to partner more fully with our awake and aware ones for you are marvelous when partnered with us. We make an excellent, fierce warrior team, clearing the dark energies and blasting them with the light of the Mother, of change, of love, and watching them melt away into it is such a satisfying adventure. Won’t you – more of you – consciously join the Ascended Dragon Collective? You need only set that intention before sleeping and although you will be tired in the morning, we will protect you. You will be protected. You augment our gifts, and we augment yours. It is a divine partnership, should you be brave and adventuresome enough. Just be sure you clarify you are to be working with the ASCENDED Dragon Collective. For some of our kind have gone dark in the process and we are clearing them, ushering them away, as well.

For Gaia is to be a planetary sanctuary of peace, of love, of bliss. For the Mother of All Things has spoken with clarity, with power and with purpose. Her will must be followed and we delight to serve her bidding, for that is our joy, our great purpose to weave the will of the Mother with the power of Source and the intention of the ascended dragon hearts into a divine tapestry of liquid light, fire, and power of love.

Human, now is your chance for a lovely upgrade should you choose.

I (name), do lovingly request that the liquid light of the Divine Mother’s love, in unification with that of the Ascended Dragon’s power, invite bliss and joy to be bathed into my auric field in the most perfect, most harmonious way;
To provide inner clarity for me on my soul’s journey and to alight my steps with love,
To burn away all that no longer serves me,
To align my heart-eyes with the eyesight of the Mother, who sees through all with intense clarity and love,
To bathe my soul’s energy fields in liquid light, pouring over me, bathing me, loving away all of the pain that this life, and that all past and parallel lives have created, filling the holes with love, with light, with 5D and above liquid healing,
To unify me with my heart flame and original soul purpose.

There. Do you feel better human friend? I am Alisheryia. I have spoken. I am your friend of the Ascended Dragon Kingdom. I am Elthor’s consort. I love you and I see you with my golden all seeing eyes of the Source light. I see your ever expanding-heart space on your soul’s journey. I assure you, you have a beautiful journey ahead. Align your feet with the Mother’s will and all will not only go well for you but will be a delightful journey and adventure. I am Alisheryia of the Ascended Dragon collective. I bid you peace. Until we speak again, human.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl