Era of Light Report 12/7/2019: Victory, UFO, Future Focus, Uprisings

future now eraoflightdotcomGreetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy). The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

Prepare to be shocked by the news that is to unfold between now and the new year. And this is only the beginning.

What is in store for each individual is what each one has earned. Nothing more, nothing less. Perhaps a few surprises? Of course.

The simple matter of fact is that no stone will be left unturned. Earth-shattering truths are to be revealed. One way or another, all will face justice.

The light’ victory is guaranteed.

From heart to heart, I am KejRaj.

The “Calm” Before the Storm is Over

This tweet from the U.S Army twitter account; “The calm before the storm”, at this time, it simply means “the calm” is over. » Source

The Ascended Masters: Going in Circles

Stop your restlessness, your activity that is only focused the outer world. Your attention is strongly directed outwards, and so you are missing the purpose! With the torch of light, descend into your own inner depth – that’s where the treasures lie, just waiting to be retrieved. » Source

Enigmatic ‘Unknown’ Objects Snapped by US Shuttles in Orbit Found by UFO Hunter in NASA Archive

The photos featuring the objects in question were apparently snapped during two separate US Space Shuttle missions, in 1985 and 1990 respectively. » Source

Sananda: You Are All Powerful Creators

At this time, Earth is going through a mass Revolution. Things are being shaken up for the greater good. Those who meant harm to Earth and her peoples have been removed. The tables are turning. » Source

Epstein Was A Mossad Agent Used To Blackmail American Politicians

Jeffrey Epstein was a Mossad asset who was used by Israeli intelligence to blackmail American politicians, according to a former Israeli spy. “They were agents of the Israeli Intelligence Services,” said Ben-Menashe. » Source

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Future Focus

It is largely your interpretation of events that is so important if you are to continue in an upward direction, and why holding on to the old understanding will delay your evolution. » Source

France: Tensions Rise As Millions Take To Street In Protest At Macron’s Reforms

Millions of protestors are marching from Gare Du Nord to Place de la Nation in the capital, while other demonstrations are taking place in other cities. » Source

Archangel Michael, Council of Radiant Light: Become A Master of Opening Up Your Flow

Life is meant to be fluid. We’ve been considering today how to transmit what we want to say to you. And the easiest way to talk about this is to talk about water. And so we’ll do that. But we’ll start by saying life is meant to be fluid. » Source

December 2019 Energy Report; Heaven On Earth

Let the show begin now as we brace ourselves for the movement into another decade and a monumental Astro aspect that happens only once every 516 years. » Source

Goddess of Creation: Awakening Through Gratitude

Let me speak for a moment about what that means to awaken. The majority of people living upon the earth live their lives just kind of moving through their lives. Sometimes you’re following as if you’ve being battered moving from one thing to the next, other times you’re experiencing your energy and light with a very conscious awareness. » Source

Clintons Vacationed Extensively At Epstein’s New Mexico ‘Baby-Making Ranch’: Report

The Clintons regularly stayed at Jeffrey Epstein’s weird New Mexico ranch where the deceased pedophile had grand plans to seed the human race with his DNA, according to his estate manager. » Source

Judas Iskariot: What is Important to You

A great change has already taken place in many societies, where the benefit of the good increases with the increasing awareness of what is really good for themselves and the Earth which is their home. » Source

Senate Legislation Looks For Link Between Veteran Suicides And Prescription Drugs

A measure introduced in the Senate on Thursday aims to create a better understanding of the connection between veteran suicides and prescription drugs. » Source

Renew & Take Stock at Year End; Prepare Yourself for 2020 Mega Shifts

The tensions involved with handling a multitude of things at once can feel overwhelming. Continue reading for background and some simple tools for riding the intensity waves with more ease and inner peace. » Source

Anna Von Reitz: Impeached For Doing His Job

Every “US Citizen” regardless of political party should be offended by the abuse that President Trump is taking. » Source

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