The Elohim: The New Earth Template

elohim beings eraoflightdotcomWe are Elohim. We are ancient, we are wise. We are the creators of many places and experiences. Many of us are embodied upon your Earth to correct, to guide, to transform that which is not light into light or at least into neutrality. We wish to speak of neutrality. You have been living within a world of duality, a word that is mentioned frequently but is perhaps not fully understood, even thought you have been immersed within its side effects. Duality, divorce from self, from the true self, division from unity, opposites. It is the energy of these things that has been all around and submerged within the matrix framework of your frame of reference, but perceived as normal. Normal is changing. Normal, your understanding of this setting will be upgraded. Left, right, up, down, all of the opposites are going to have an energy of neutrality, a gentleness that will start to permeate and unfold. This gentleness is within the hearts of the star seeds, it is a coding index that is blossoming, ever blossoming further within the hearts of those who believe in the higher self, the higher codes of divinity. Whether you believe or not, you are all aspects of the divine, all in various stages of understanding and self realization. We speak of duality for this needs to be healed. You see it, you feel it, your world shakes with it. And new, blissful neutrality, where all is light and forgiven, is coming. If you hold onto this coding it will help ground the light that is coming and is to come further.

We are Elohim. We are ancient, we are wise. We are the creators and un-creators of worlds. Your world is being re-created and we are assisting. Many of you are us, our essence is felt within these words as the codes are being immersed now within your subconscious. They will release within the field that surrounds you at the right time, anchoring more peace. Do not be dismayed by the surrounding discord and division. Send the energy of unity, of forgiveness, of moving forward and watch the energy change with you in your wake. (I am seeing a powerful huge waterfall in winter with ice flows crashing to the bottom.) That which was frozen is being transformed. The undercurrent of the water is no match for it. So too is the undercurrent and overcurrent of the light that surrounds the stagnant energies of your world, it is dislodging that which was frozen and cold and forcing movement. The ones who are attuned with the light will be liquid-light energy in this way upon your surface world as the energy swirls and spins and is transformed into mist, into the higher lights. Trust. This is a divinely orchestrated planetary transition and you are well loved. Earth is much too important to allow any further mishandling. Earth will be free. She is already free in the higher realms. So too will her inhabitants become free should they choose to continue on their journey.

We are Elohim. Just as the frozen ice flows are carried down the river to the rushing waterfall and transformed into a lighter mist, you will see many transform. You will see many choose to leave behind the physical and transform into the higher light that they are, and observe and assist from the other side of the river. Do not be surprised at this changeover.

We are Elohim. Worlds are created with great creative thought and force of will. Intentions are blessed with the higher dimensional inspirations before being birthed into the physical form. Creation and recreation are brimming with life force, with power. These are powerful times that you are witnessing and experiencing. All are aware of these challenges you face. And yet we see over the waterfall, we can see further down the river that continues on, and soon too you will see it. The ice is broken up and clear pure waters with no sediment flow freely, joyfully. (I am seeing a crystal clear wide and deep river that is completely transparent. I can see beautiful rocks of all colors, some gold, some rainbow colors at the bottom. I feel the energy of the water and its purity. It is alive and I feel the energy of joy within the cool waters. On either side of the river now as we float along I see beautiful greenery and am hearing sounds of wildlife. The sunlit meadows on either side are peaceful. There is a green canopy above but I can see bright blue skies just beyond. It is a place of supreme peace and beauty. The energies of the original waterfall are long gone.)

We are Elohim. The New Earth Template is in place. It has been long seeded and is now coming into full bloom. The duality has been rectified into unity of love. Love encompasses all frequencies. It is the language of the universe. Love is the molding clay that we work with as we create. Love is the frequency that you are flowing into, it is the remedy for all you have experienced. It is the remedy for division, discord. Love and unity consciousness are much like the peaceful river described. Feel the flow and be comforted, be at peace. Unity consciousness is the future of humanity. You are seeing the ice break apart and flow over the falls before they are transmuted into energy in another form. Be the observer of the falls. Feel the power of the neutrality.

We are Elohim. New Earth waits for you, just downstream. All is well. As you create with us, remember your tools of love, forgiveness and neutrality. These are the tools of the masters. Use them well. We are Elohim.

**Channel: Galaxygirl