Goddess of Creation: Integrate Your Crystalline Aspect

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomWe are now living in the 5th Dimension and therefore moving through a transformation of our bodies. Our bodies have the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, and moving forward, there will also be the crystalline. During this channel tonight we had an opportunity to connect with our crystalline aspect and then fully merge with this energy.

We are creating a deeper connection to our soul through the expansion of our consciousness. Our soul vibrates at a much higher frequency than our human reality. For most, this is something that is vague and unattainable. These Goddess Light meditations assist you with creating an open flow of energy between your human self and soul. This expanded alignment helps people to experience themselves as more than just this lifetime.

During this journey, while in the All That Is, we had an opportunity to reach out to our future self that is the pure crystalline energy. Everyone has this and for some, it is an easier alignment than others. This is enhanced for everyone, now that the vibration of the earth has risen. Everyone reached out to their crystalline self as if it was standing in from of them and they met hands to hands. From this everyone received a flow of light energy and it created a new vibration and balance within everyone present.

In the end, the Goddess spoke of integrating the light into your everyday life and therefore becoming this beautiful loving energy and sharing that with the world. It sends light into all that is happening to bring peace, love, and balance.

Nama sika Venia Benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.

We have arrived! For so many years you the human, you the lightworkers, have been seeking to find what either the purpose is; or the reflection of; or just how the ascension process was going to play out, and it is here right now.

It is close to one month since your Solstice took place. During that time there has been a great deal of movement in the energy of the Earth. Some of you are very aware of what is happening. Others of you say something’s different, but I’m not sure what. Then others feel as if, I don’t know, it’s status quo to me. There is of course no right or wrong perception. What I do like to bring up as I speak of this is that every person aligns with the ascension process from wherever they might be.

Part of the beauty of this whole process is the fact that it is not just one tiny little alignment that millions of people need to align with. There are a great many variations. All of which reflects the whole. Part of the beauty of being upon the Earth is the diversity, and right now as you look around the world it is that diversity that is bringing people into controversy although it is not the diversity that is the issue. It just around the surface has that illusion. What is truly happening here is that already every single person is integrating either a lot or a little of the frequencies of the fifth dimension. What comes along with that is the transparency.

When you look at your life and think of transparency what is it bringing up that perhaps has been hidden from your awareness? When you look out at the world what is now apparent to you that you were unaware of in the past? The more that you have a focused intention the greater your ability to not only clear out what no longer serves you, but also embrace that which is in your best intentions.

The vibration of the 5th dimension is here. It is moving through everything that is on the surface of your planet. It is interacting with the frequency and vibration from the Pleiadean inner earth all the way out into the Universe. I would therefore say to you be aware of opportunities that are coming your way. Be aware of how it feels to move more easily through your days. This is truly an exciting and a special time to be alive upon the Earth.

Now take a deep breath and send your stream of light that goes through your heart center, through your energy bodies all the way down through the Earth. As you connect to the Earth feel how your energy goes out in different directions. As you do so become aware of how you blend your own energies with that of the Earth. Open to receive whatever messages Gaia has to give to you; even if it is that warm acknowledgment – yes, I feel you, yes, I hear you.

As you pull your energies back from wherever they may be it comes back up through that cord of energy and light that comes up through your energy bodies, and it goes out through your throat and the top of your head until it moves into your Higher Self.

As you align with your Higher Self open to receive that expanded consciousness for where this is within you. You may look around and see projects and different potentials. Open to receive that new perspective that is here for you. You send that stream of light even further up from your Higher Self and as you do so it goes all the way until it blends with your Divinity. As you merge with your divine essence feel how your consciousness simply expands moving outwards. Look at what your Soul looks like to you. Open to receive the perception of your other lifetimes or aspects.

Within the 5th dimensional frequencies, it is all about aligning within your heart and it is about this deep, deep, deep alignment that you have with your Divinity. Therefore, it is important that you create an open relationship with your Soul so that you may feel the flow of the expansion and the support that is here for you. That stream of consciousness moves up and down through that cord of energy and light, and the more that you come into this space and then send your energy back down you are opening up that cord so that you may have an even greater flow which leads to a greater awareness.

Have a sense of just breathing in the energy and the essence of you as your Divinity.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you so that we may merge and move into the All That Is. Within the All That Is you have an opportunity to create that which you seek to manifest, but also it is an opportunity to become aware of the many ways in which you are expanding.

At this time there is a frequency that is emitted from the Central Sun and I would therefore ask each one of you to step forth, whatever it is you wish to do, and be open to receive this influx of energy. While it’s going to the group each one of you is going to receive exactly what it is that you need to receive. This influx of energy is balancing all of the energy bodies within and around you. It is also activating the crystalline essence within you. If yours has already been activated then it is enhancing what you have always already been working with. Allow your consciousness to expand further so that you may receive an understanding of what this is.

Most of you have an aspect that is living out within the Universe. You may be aware of this aspect or not. However, in this now moment as your frequency is expanding, I invite you to have the intention to open up to receive the alignment with that aspect of it that is already the Crystalline energy. So, you may see as if standing in front of you; it is an image portrayed to look like you as you are right now.

As you are here within this space you felt that expansion that came from that influx of light and then as if you put out your hand that other part of you touches your hand and you are now receiving the balanced alignment from that part of you.

As this aspect is transmitting into you the vibration of the crystalline is also transmitting potentials and opportunities that are available to you either now or in the near future. Many of you do not have the conscious awareness of what is being transmitted to you and I, therefore, send a vibration or a supportive energy that will help each one of you to open up your senses, be it to see, feel, know, taste or touch. Those are the basic senses, and also hearing, that you have utilized, and moving forward there will be other ways in which you will also will receive information.

As your energy body has completed your alignment with your crystalline self, there is a sense of merging the two of you together. The aspect of you that is from the future, that is that pure crystalline energy, will not remain within you 24/7. However, after this alignment, you have an instinctive alignment through which you may communicate at any time.

Take a deep breath in and feel, see, sense, know what that is and as you are breathing in deeply within yourself, I am working with each one of you to peel away any veils that may keep you from receiving your expanded awareness. So too, working from within you, your crystalline self is also going to be pushing outwards. This will continue to become stronger and stronger as you move through this space.

Look around at the All That Is. There is a new clarity so that you may now actually see the waves of energy. You may now hear things in a more intense manner. Howsoever it manifests for you. Take a deep breath in and be open to receive.

The crystalline energies will integrate everything that is upon your Earth and this integration is going to also activate the frequencies and vibration that has always been upon your Earth but has been lying dormant for some time. The crystalline energy allows you to move in a different way. It integrates the transparency of the higher frequency and this is what allows you to receive telepathic messages, allows you to teleport from one place to the next, and utilize the ability to instinctively know what may be happening around you.

Let’s consider that for a moment.

So much of humanity is still stuck in the old energy. Many of them have heard about ascension but don’t wish to go any further. This three-month period of time from the Solstice to the Equinox there is going to be a massive amount of disclosure and the disclosure will come out because of the transparency that is a part of the higher, light vibration.

We have talked about it before, the fact that that which has been hidden, and has controlled and manipulated so as to create fear and separation and anxiety and anger; it is being removed. It is being bought to people’s awareness. It will become even more so in the days to come. This is why it becomes essential for you to truly have an open flow between your Divinity and your human experience. This crystalline energy, that is transforming every cell within your body that is helping you to open up, will help you to intrinsically know what is true and what is not.

There will be many, many, many people that will not wish to change their belief systems. They will not want to awaken. For these individuals, they will have situation, after situation, after situations that will come up for them giving them an opportunity to let go of fear, anger, the victim, whatever it is so that they can step into something new.

What I ask of everybody that is here is that you shine the light of your crystalline energy into everyone that is a part of this human race. That light of intrinsic balance. That light of love and compassion is going to give everybody something that they may feel, or sense, or know as this transformation rolls through society.

It is not your responsibility to affect anybody else. It is not your responsibility to convert anybody else. The more that you take time to be your God self and shine that crystalline light it is strengthening you and enhancing all of your energy fields, and it is simply giving people an opportunity. It shines a light and through that transparent energy that is becoming more, and more, and more prevalent so they will see things in their life, or they will see things in society, or they will look at their belief systems and change will happen.

This is the consciousness of love. It intrinsically supports you and whatever may be around you.

Take a moment and consider your life. You may also find that this crystalline energy is transforming your own stuck energies. If you have been trying to force something to happen and it is not happening, let it go. If you have been waiting and waiting, and waiting for something to happen and it has not happened, let it go. Utilize this as an opportunity to have a clean slate and then step forward into all that will happen in the months, the years, the days to come. I can feel the waves as they move through everybody.

Take a deep breath in and come back together as a group. As you create that circle of light, take a moment to reconnect within yourself to that crystalline essence that is you. Then as you do so look at the others around you and you will notice how your perception changes. Become aware of your expanded perception, not only of yourself but of the whole.

You will see coming up within this group the hologram of the Earth. Send forth into the Hologram your own alignment with the crystalline that it may create a balanced place within the Hologram. The Hologram itself is also transforming.

Everything integrates creating the intrinsic balance and then an aspect goes out into the Universe and then the remainder moves down going back into and around the Earth. As it connects with the grid, the holographic grid of the Matrix around the earth, it merges with that and it blends moving around the Earth. The remainder goes through. Going all the way down and anchoring into the center of the Earth.

There is a transformation that is taking place and perhaps as you are here, you can look around, and now you can see things that before you were unaware of and you take it in and then allow your energies to come back up. Your alignment with Gaia becomes a natural filter that your own crystalline energies are now coming back up within you. And that expanded consciousness moves up within your physical body and moving throughout your energy bodies. This energy is coming up into and around every single human into and around the grass, the trees, the animals so that everything is able to tap into the higher frequency.

The remainder of your consciousness that was within the All That Is comes back down. It flows down, moving through the soul plane, connecting once more with your Divinity, and then feel that expanded flow as it moves straight from your Divinity into you the human. As you take a moment to integrate this energy you feel the flow of the Earth, you feel the flow of your Divinity and it all moves through you.

Feel your crystalline essence, know that you have transformed all of who you are during this journey. Take time to integrate whatever that means for you as it is for you.

As we come together in the days and weeks to come; we the Angels and Light Beings; you the humanity; as the blending and the merging comes together be aware of transformation, upon transformation, upon transformation is just growing, and growing, and growing and getting bigger, bigger, bigger.

Feel the compassion for those that are in pain, or hurt, or angry. However, continue to be balanced within yourself, within your crystalline energy, and let that radiate from you to all. This change will move very, very quickly. All is set up. And all is moving exactly as it needs to. There is so much potential. There is so much love and there is so much light, and you are that light.

I am ever with you and within you.


**Source **Channel: Shelly Dressel