Shattering the False Sense of Self

lightworker eraoflightdotcomRecently I met with the Council and they wanted me to share information about energy that is now streaming to earth.

“There is energy coming into earth that will cause a shattering within the psyche. While this may seem devastating, as it will certainly feel that way, we want you to understand that it is a necessary step as you each regain sovereignty. It will cause many to have an identity crisis. They will begin to question all of existence: Who they are, their place in the world, and the very fabric of reality.

There will be some that find the energy severs what little connection they have with their true self. For others it will assist in severing the ties they have to their false self so that they are able to walk in more of their authenticity.

This energy will increase daily for the next 7 moons where it will reach it’s maximum intensity and remain at that steady pace.

(This information was given the day before the full moon in January. I have been so busy with the energy, clients and a new puppy that I didn’t get this out right away. Seven moons including the January moon, is July 24th and the moon will be in Aquarius.)

At this moment the kindest thing one can do is simply observe their unraveling without clinging to who it is they thought they were. Each blast of this frequency will open the doorway within to the highest aspect within the matrix and for those that are ready, to the highest aspect outside of the matrix.

It is a time of accelerated growth and reconnection to core truth and core knowing. It is also a time in which there will be great distraction. Each person is urged to turn away from the outside noise and pressure and instead be the witness to their own transformation.

The more a person is aware of who they are at the heart level and the greater the sense of true self; beyond the roles, the lifetimes and fixed understandings, the easier it will be to navigate these energies. Some will cling to their identities and beliefs so tightly that the energies will create a deeper disconnect from self and Source than was present prior.

The most helpful question one can ask is:

Does holding on to this help me?

Does it bring me joy?

Ask yourselves:

Who am I truly at my deepest core?

Do not hesitate to ask for assistance in the lifting of the veils of illusion that are within. All the spirit guides and angelic realm are available to help ease this transition.

The greatest concern is that many may feel disillusioned and lacking a sense of purpose to the point of being fatalistic. When one feels this hopelessness settling in it is important that they not only center within their heart space but they connect with Source energy to reconnect to their purpose and knowing. This will help to revitalize the form and bring in ease.”

What was shown to me as these words were shared is that this energy will strip away all that is not truth within us. I understood why they use the words shattering as a way to describe the energy. Many times on this process we do shatter and then we choose which pieces to pick up.

The energy will come in and incrementally step up daily in intensity. For those that are deep into their self work this may bring ease because what you’ve been processing and plowing through can be removed more easily in these frequencies. Eventually all the layers of the false self and the false templates will collapse and we will be left with our most authentic version.

It is the layers of the false self that allows us to deceive ourselves (subconsciously) and others. Without these layers, we will all become much more transparent. We will be able to understand the core of what we are feeling and experiencing. Discernment will be much easier as one’s intent will shine through.

They showed all of these energies coming in and cracking a statue slowly but surely as light begins to peek out of the cracks. This process though it may feel brutal, really is one that is going to assist us in regaining our sovereignty. It will help us cut through the illusion within ourselves and that will help us cut through the illusion in our outer world.

Being in the state of observation of self and the world and being open to relearning everything will help ease the psychological parts of this transition. Many are experiencing what feels like a barrage of memories in their waking and sleep moments. It is a life review of sorts that is asking us in each moment if we are ready to heal or are we still wanting to retaliate.

Retaliation towards self and others can look like going into victimhood, shame, blame, and even greater retaliation of wanting an eye for an eye. Even when the emotions are painful, we have to step back and ask ourselves if we are truly ready to heal or do we need to go through another cycle of the blame, shame, and payback.

These energies pounding us are here to help us let it all go. Holding onto so much pain and worthlessness keeps us locked in a war with our true nature. We can not be all that we are if we hold onto the pain, and unworthiness. We have to ask ourselves if we are ready to heal and let go.

This next phase is very physical as well as psychological. It is our physical bodies that hold the template and programming of the false self. In previous incarnations we dropped the body when we reached this phase. That made the transition much easier. Now we are making the transition with the physical body intact. Any type of deep stretching, myofascial release, massage, and Qigong type movements will assist greatly with the physical aspects of this transition.

The council recommended connecting in straight to Source energy and allowing it to come in through you. Allow it to fill the body and permeate any areas where you’re holding density.

Through all of our own internal workings we may also be feeling the collective confusion and unraveling. When you are feeling overwhelmed, check in with yourself to see if what you are feeling is yours. If it is not, thank it for showing you how the collective is feeling. You can then ask it to leave.

Recently the council shared that many are feeling the collective intently because they are being asked to assist. When I asked how one can assist, I was told that the collective needs love, understanding, and hope.

When we feel energies that are not our own, take a moment and visualize the earth, with all of her inhabitants and hold her. Surround her with the energy of love, hope, compassion, or whatever helpful energy comes to your mind. Send it to everyone, everything with no exceptions. Exchange the uncomfortable energies that the collective is feeling for those that hold such incredible promise.

The rule of thumb right now is question everything, love everything, and allow yourself to be exactly who you truly are in all moments. Allow yourself to shatter, allow yourself to pick up only what aligns with your soul. You will know what that is because it will make your heart sing.

Sending you all lots of love as we go through this incredible phase. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have supported and shared this work. It really means the world.

Jenny Schiltz