Ashtar: New Beginnings, You Can Create Anything

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomHello beloved, It is I Lord Ashtar along with the entire Angelic high kingdom coming through this channeler again for you all today. I’m going to talk about « New Beginnings », I’m going to talk about what that means, what exactly that represents and why I’m bringing this message through.

I’m going to talk about new beginnings in the way that you all are at a pivotal point right now and a pivotal point with the timelines you are on to make the choice for new beginnings, to make the choice to move forward in another way and that you haven’t seen on this planet and plane and you have the choice to move forward to the higher timelines where what is happening to you on this planet and plane is no longer what will happen to you in the future.

I’m calling this channeling and this message new beginnings because you need to all be aware of what’s going on on the planet and you need to all be aware of the force of the reptilians and the draconians, the force of the dark consciousness, I’m going to say, that they will push a lot of very dark agendas out on you. This is just one of many that they have scheduled or slated to really keep you held down, to keep you in that third dimensional matrix and grid system even though it is broken up or continues to be breaking up and broken up.

There is still the possibility that if not enough of you choose a higher timeline that you will play this lower agenda out for a longer time than is necessary. It will prolong and delay your ascension for all of you getting up and it will make it much harder for Mother Earth as well.

This that is rolling out at you now and that you see, is part of the beginning of a long session of a lot of things that are to roll out on you if given this New World Order « ish » foundation to take hold.

So I’m bringing through this message to let all of you know that this isn’t what you want, that the choice is yours and you have a new beginning, you have a choice to pick the higher timelines.

Pick the higher timelines where this reptilian and draconian reign, this new world order reignis over. Pick the higher timelines where there is no more pandemics and there’s nothing else that’s going to roll out on you that is going to be devastating. Pick the higher timelines where not only you but the consciousness of humanity lifts greatly. Choose up!

For now it is your choice to have a new beginning, now it is your chance to shift not only you but to shift the collective up to these higher timelines. Pick the timelines of peace, pick the timelines of truth, pick the timelines that you don’t keep repeating and going through which you’re going through now because there’s a lot of different dark orders that they’re getting in place to set out on the planet if not enough of you choose up.

Know that what you’re hearing on the media and your news, know that it is not all the truth, know that what’s being done to you there’s a real undercurrent, a real underbelly of a very dark order. Be wise in your choices, listen with integrity but listen with your own heart.

So decipher what all these messages you’re hearing from the media and from all those in your government and from the highest, we’re going to say, people to speak be discerning, feel what it feels like. Does it feel like this message resonates with me? You don’t want to keep going forward on this path. This path is and does have the capability to be broken up very quickly and a new beginning can be birthed very quickly if enough of you choose up.

Choose the timelines that you’re not still rolling through all this garbage, choose the timelines where the truth comes out, choose a timelines where you’re not rolling from pandemic to pandemic to pandemic and be told what you can and can’t do where you can and can’t go and who you can and can’t are almost. Choose up! This is not to be your destiny! Your destiny is to be on a higher dimension, a much higher vibration, your destiny is be living in peace, in truth, in unity, in collaboration with other high divine beings of light as well and to be living in your hearts that is a huge one right there.

So if enough of you choose and want better, if enough of you choose consciously even saying out loud : « I pick the timelines where this is gone, i pick the timelines where i have my freedom, my choice, my divinity, i pick the timelines where i have control over my physical body, my energetic body and at the soul level and i pick the timelines where I’m really embodying my soul’s journey. I really am one with my higher power and the creative force on this planet, the divine force »

Pick those timelines this is a new beginning, a new possibility and a new road for all of you. All you have to do now is choose up. A lot of you are purging a lot of emotional issues, a lot of you are really getting through a lot. The second and third waves are going to go up quite soon but you have to choose differently, choose not to believe in all you see out there, choose not to have this as your road what you see rolling out at you out there, choose up, choose better, choose peace, choose to live in your heart, choose to stand back from all that’s going on. Be the observer but manifest and intend for better.

We are in a manifesting, an intention period right now, manifest your dreams, manifest a different planet where all can be safe, all can be fed, all can be clothed and you’re not living with the poison that is down on your planet now.

Intend! You can do it with your intentions now for peace, prosperity, oneness, a collective that really works together in the light and for the lower consciousness of the dark to be no more, to be off this planet.

You need to be free, finally to be the creator beings, the divine beings of light that you are allowed to really follow your path with all your agendas. A lot of laws have been set in order so that all of you can do this. Now you have a new beginning.

Choose up! Choose a higher timeline don’t buy into the propaganda. They want you to repeat the cycles over and over and over when the new next virus pandemic comes out and the next vaccine has to be distributed. This is an agenda, this is to hold you all down, this is to keep you perpetuating where you’re really supposed to go and to raise your vibration and to anchor all of you into the fifth dimension.

So I’m titling this « New Beginnings » because it can be a new beginning, not only for you but for the consciousness, the collective consciousness of humanity and for Mother Earth.

I Lord Ashtar I’m grateful to be bringing through this messages through this channeler along with the entire Angelic high kingdom. It’s a potent message, it’s one to think about. You really have the power to change the planet, you really have the power to change the world, you really have the power to shift not only you but the collective to the higher timelines out of this and into bliss.

I Lord Ashtar look forward to bringing through many more messages from this channeler. Sending you such love, such light and blessings.


Thank you Lord Ashtar, thank you Angelic high kingdom that was a good message that we do have a lot of work to do, i think now and really picking the higher timelines, choosing up, living in our hearts, wanting better, not playing in this agenda, being the observer, changing the planet.

I look forward to bringing through many more channelings messages, shares all kinds of stuff for you guys. I’m sending you love, i’m sending you light and blessings.

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