The Illumined Soul

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomWhen the Soul is ATONE with itself and its Divine Source, and it starts embodying the Divine Light, Divine Love, Divine Presence, Divine Wisdom. It cannot buy into separation anymore. It cannot separate itself from anyone else, nor any part and particle of Creation, visible and invisible. For it inherent is in Unity and Oneness with All-That-Is, AS-IT-IS!

The Illumined Soul cannot live duality nor polarity any longer. It cannot point fingers. It cannot judge. It knows that everyone and everything she or he encounters, are but reflections of Self and the Divine Source, in all aspects and expressions of Creation: – visible and invisible.

When the Soul moves into Unity and Oneness, it lives in expansive Beingness. It now can expand Omni-Versally, as much as it can move in terrestrial spheres, yet it is now knowing the Terrestrial is but a reflection of the Universal, as the Universal reflects the Omni-Versal.

What is within – is without. What is above – is below. What one sees in others, is there within oneself.

The soul thus now starts living its embodiment on planet earth, in a much higher frequency and vibration, dimensional form and expression. It is fully present and fully anchored in its Divinity. It embraces Divinity within and without and thus it finds this reflected everywhere. It becomes a bridge between Heaven and Earth. It is on the Earth – but not OF it!

The Illumined Soul is radiant – lit up from deep within.

It is a deep, for it is not afraid to dive ever deeper into the unchartered Eternal Waters of Life and thus is drinking from the eternal Fountains of Wisdom.

More than this it lives, breathes, walks, talks, and co-creates only from the Heart of Love and thus with love and in love, AS ONE with the Wisdom and filled with Divine Light, and thus powerful beyond measure, as it lives a Soul Empowered life. Empowered from deep within, at SOUL level, AS ONE with the DIVINE SOURCE.

An Illumined Soul takes full responsibility for its own life and wellbeing and what it is creating with in every moment: It is aware of every thought, every feeling, ever word it speaks, every action, for indeed every thought, word, action, creates and pulls into the energy fields what it is creating. An Illumined Soul is conscious of what it is creating and thus wishes to create within the Divine Universal Laws, and within the Sacred Heart of Eternal and Infinite Love.

An Illumined Soul walks the Sacred Path of Highest Soul Mastery.

Thus the Illumined Soul will walk that path alone, if need be, for it does not seek the applaud of the masses. It has surpassed the ego, and thus is humble. More than this, an illumined soul, knows it is in truth never alone, for it walks in the company of Heavens, and thus ever seeks the Highest Truth, the Highest Inspiration, the Highest Illumined Sacred Paths, with great love and devotion.

The Illumined Soul stands fully in its Universal Mastery and the Highest Truth of Its Soul AS ONE with its Creator.

Judith Kusel