Archangel Michael: Continuation of a New Beginning

archangel michael 2 eraoflightdotcomGreetings beloved beacons of light upon the Earth. I am Archangel Michael; it is an honour to be in your presence today as there is much occurring on the inner planes and upon the Earth. Everything is blossoming, spiritual evolution is advancing and quickening, you’re understanding and remembrance of the Creator is developing at great speed. It is important at this time to acknowledge that in 2020 you embarked upon a new beginning with the New Earth Ascension Blueprint anchoring into the Earth and into your being. This has now fully anchored. The next stage and the continuation of this new beginning is to co-create with the New Earth Ascension Blueprint, activating the Blueprint within your being. Thus, creating a new Earth, a new reality, new situations, new experiences, new perspectives, new beliefs, and new understandings. You are embarking upon a new way of being, a new beginning which will develop from within your being as a co-creation with the New Earth Ascension Blueprint. This co-creation allows you to be yourself, your truth, power, wisdom, and expression of the Creator on the Earth.

It is always important to recognise where you are not being an expression of the Creator in your reality and the way that you act and react. It is important to recognise where you are being an expression of the Creator as this allows you to understand, acknowledge and to recognise what it is like to be an expression of the Creator. Being an expression of the Creator is a natural aspect of your being, something you can achieve without thinking about and yet there is a need to contemplate it, to become familiar with it.

Your Purpose In 2021

Your purpose in the year of 2021 and beyond is to recognise your truth, power, and wisdom within your being, knowing you are co-creating with the New Earth Ascension Blueprint to bring forth a new way of being. It is not a new way of being for your soul, but it will be a new way of being for your personality. To describe this new way of being we can use the word fulfilment. Accessing, feeling, sensing, acknowledging, and experiencing fulfilment is the key for 2021 and beyond. With every experience you embark upon, every feeling, thought, action and reaction, it is important to acknowledge the energy of fulfilment. Ask yourself am I experiencing fulfilment in this moment? To achieve this there is a need to contemplate and meditate on what fulfilment would be like for you, within your being, within your reality, within all aspects of your existence upon the Earth.

Can you describe the colour of fulfilment?

Can you describe the sensation of fulfilment?

Can you describe the feeling of fulfilment, as if you touched fulfilment, what would it feel like?

Can you describe the sound of fulfilment?

As you become more custom and familiar with your own vibration of fulfilment within your being, so you become that.

The New Earth Ascension Blueprint wishes to create, it is born from the Creator, it wants to put everything into action. It is important to allow the vibration of fulfilment to come forth, to be embodied within your being. Your actions, reactions, and co-creation with the Blueprint within your being will allow you to experience fulfilment physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. This allows for the continuation of a new beginning for this New Earth we are all embarking upon. It will create the foundation of fulfilment, therefore releasing fear and lack. We are creating fulfilment for you, for every being on every level. You may think that it is not possible, how can every being upon the Earth experience fulfilment?

Fulfilment is a vibration of the Creator, it is your natural existence, you already automatically within your soul and divine self-embody fulfilment. Your soul is simply inviting you to experience it in a physical dimension. It is important to recognise that fulfilment for you is also fulfilment for others as well. If it is not fulfilling for others, then maybe it is not the true vibration of fulfilment.

Another aspect to contemplate is that the fulfilment of the soul can be different to that which the personality desires, and sometimes they are the same. Maybe your personality desires abundance, or more friends, more people who love you and understand you in your life. It maybe it is also the fulfilment of the Soul as well. It is important to connect with the power, truth, and wisdom within your being, therefore accessing the innocence of your soul. Your soul will then penetrate your personality.

You may discover is a new direction in this coming year, look out for new directions. Your life may move in a new direction, your thoughts may move in a new direction, your emotions may move in a new direction, maybe your healing, health, well-being, and experiences will discover a new direction. It may be a small or a major shift, you will be able to recognise new directions where your soul, your Creator expression, the Blueprint, your truth, wisdom, and power are all guiding you in a new direction. Your new direction may be something you have not thought of before or maybe something you have been trying to achieve for a long time. Be open to new ideas, new ways of being, doing, seeing, and new beliefs. Expand your mind, heart and soul, expand your channel and allow the truth of the Creator to penetrate, and most importantly be expressed through your being.

2021 is about expression, the expression of the Creator. When we think of expression we often think of creativity. With this new energy and new beginning, there is a new direction which has been implanted by the New Earth Ascension Blueprint.

How can you be creative in your reality? What is creativity? The thought that is guided from the soul and empowered by energy, feeling and belief, that is creativity. Moving your physical body that is creativity. Creating, building, drawing something, creating a new life, moving to a new house, walking in a new area it can all be labelled as creativity. If it fills you with joy, with love and truth, and you feel connected to the Creator then it is creativity, and the embodiment of fulfilment.

The old energies of lack and fear may still be present, and you may still be asked to release, heal, let them go, as well as to face them, maybe even challenge them. However, this energy of the new beginning, the new direction, creativity and fulfilment, it is flowing with such abundance now and wishes to carry you fourth to recognise where you are an expression of the Creator in your reality and where you are not. Contemplate the vibration of fulfilment within your being, that flows through the expression of the Creator within your being. What does fulfilment look like, feel like, how can it manifest in your reality?

Notice the new directions that appear to you, just because it is a new direction does not mean you have to grasp and follow it. Follow your own intuition, and of course recognise where you are being creative. Encourage yourself to be creative in a form that really develops that inner sense of fulfilment. In doing so you will be continuing the new beginning that we all embarked upon in 2020.

It has been an honour to connect with you today,

I thank you,

I am Archangel Michael.

**Source **Channel: Natalie Glasson