Update On The Current Energies: Transmutators

sacred geometry eraoflightdotcomBeloved Ones,

The energy at the moment is being overwhelming for many of us who act as New Earth’s anchors, energy transmutators or any other role that involves to massively transmute energies, which in a way we all do this, as conscious beings whose main wish is not just evolve, at a personal level, but assist those who are willing to commit to this evolutionary journey too.

If you are one who are being challenged by the massive of opposite frequencies on the Planet, call upon your Guides team together with the Violet and White Flames to help you ease the burden. They are wondrous purifiers and cleaners and they will help you in both a personal level, and a global one, to continue with your mission without being drained and/or feeling physically disturbed by the current energies. For we are never alone or should be hopeless in this process, as there are many benevolent beings and energies helping us, co-creating with us, in the many purposes that we brought here.

At the moment, and as we all are envisioning from our loving space, there are more and more who are not just awakening to their soul’s passion and mission, but to new ways of living and how they would like to sustain themselves, in the physical, for once we are fully aware of who we are and our role within Creation, it is a matter of time that we align both and make our own jobs and ways to support ourselves.

This is what is taking place at the moment, when all may seem chaotic. However, it is nothing but the efforts that many, as One, are doing to conquer their shadows, and move into their light spaces, creating their own free ways to express their hearts in the world. In the macro, this planetary event is being represented by many events that are taking place in the following days. The first one is the North Node quintile Chiron. As you know, the North Node is what lies ahead of us, where we are heading in terms of personal mission, which is what many are considering now.

What brings you passion and joy? What you love doing the most? What fulfills your heart and soul at the end of the day? What makes you feel at Home? Many are beginning to define the concept of what is impossible now, understanding that if one chooses to move into a new world of infinite possibilities, regaining freedom and hence personal sovereignty, there is no such a thing as impossibility. There is only the will to create new ways of being and living, or fear, and hence, to continue living in the old. You decide.

A few days later, on February 9, we have Saturn as well sextile Chiron, followed by a New Moon in Aquarius and on February 17, Saturn, again, squaring Uranus, something that precisely happens every fourteen years, and that comes now to reassure the massive change that is meant to occur for us to continue moving into the desired harmonic dimension, making sure that all happens accordingly to the Divine’s Plan. Indeed planetary events to helps us with their potent energies to regain freedom, self-mastery, and hence, personal command of own’s reality.

Regarding the North Node, as you know both the North Node and Saturn asks us to move forward, to take responsibility and to do what it takes to fulfill our soul’s will. This is another message for us to become or initiate ourselves into further ways of our personal mission.

Will you embrace the healer that you are, using your power and light to bring restoration and healing to All? The time to do so, if you are ready and willing, has come, for it is now during this challening transition that All needs of your compassion, love, wisdom and above all, healing Light.

Indeed both planetary aspects ask us to embrace the healer within and fulfill our role within Creation as bringers of love and compassion, for this is what we agreed to do once we become humans. There are though many distractions, we too knew, in this 3D plane that may have been impeding some to awake to their main roles.

However, as we are seeing in the collective the time for them to be conscious of who they are and personal missions has already come, and the massive riots and fights for freedom are nothing but the beginning of what will come in the following years, for we are just setting the main foundations to build a new society.

The ego will tell us that it cannot be possible to live as we desire, and many will actually quit, for it takes devotion, not just to our personal journey, but to All, as One Family. It takes courage to continue with our mission even in the most challenging conditions. However, there is only a way out, if, as I always say, there is the Will.

When our soul informs us of our mission, everything, even though we need to experience some hardships to grow, helps us achieving our main purpose, for it is the purpose of the Universe too, as it is expressing its wish to help others through us. Therefore there is always a benevolent Force that no matter what will help us moving forward and fulfil our destiny. Our main aim is not to decay and align with this kindly Force.

In these intense times, remember that all you feel passionate about, all that you love doing and that helps others, is what you are here for. There is no one that can tell you who you are and what you came here to share, for only you can know this. There is always a clear sign, often coming in the form of a feeling, that will let you know where and what you should be giving to bring more love and compassion.

There is always a whisper that many times we tend to cover due to our many fears and doubts that is incessantly telling us what do. And this whisper, unless you will continue to ignore it, will be always there to remind you the purpose of your human existence.

Will you choose to listen? Or will you choose to remain in denial?

Will you choose to embrace your power knowing you will have to take full responsibility for your human journey?

Will you choose to be the free sovereign being that you were born to be?

Within Infinite love,

**Source **By Natalia Alba