Galactic Fleet Command: 3D and 5D Thinking

fleet command eraoflightdotcomWe greet you with the greatest of love from your planetary helpers in the skies  just above you, Beloved Ones! Today we wish to tell you a little story about a recent experience our channel had that may be similar to some you have perhaps experienced:

She wrote a story-type poem for a spiritual publication on which she highlighted the difference between 3D and 5D thinking and perceptions. She received a positive and sincere response from another spiritual writer – whom she knew quite well – in which that writer stated that she knew exactly what our channel was saying – (although she stated that she was guessing at what 3D and 5D were, having never heard of them before.)

This writer then proceeded to include in her response a very lengthy story that she also had written fairly recently, to further show the correlation of her thinking with that of our channel’s poem.

The irony of this story we are relating here is that her story revealed – (in every detail) – the exact opposite of what our channel’s poem was expressing… even to the point of “having to wait a long time for ‘her 5D person’ to catch up” because of not ‘educating’ herself on the ‘facts’ from mainstream media!

This lack of readiness to fully understand the difference between 3D and 5D thinking and resultant correct perceptions will perhaps become even more challenging – to you fully awakened ones – than has been the long wait for the awakening itself.

First of all, it is important to remember that not all spirituality is the same. Some ‘spirituality’ is steeped more in the expression of a religion; some of it has the emphasis of self-help to becoming a better person; and some of it is of a more metaphysical nature. It is this last type of spirituality that we represent.

After all, ‘meta’ represents ‘beyond physical knowing’ – (i.e. that which cannot be known by the physical senses); hence the word ‘metaphysical’.

Certainly our existence cannot be proven to the 3D mind, since we are beyond that dimension’s physical knowing. This fact alone naturally makes it very difficult to express anything pertaining to this realm to the unawakened 3D mind… and often even to those who embrace the other types of spirituality. Therefore it is best to refrain from any expression at all in this regard.

We realize how difficult this is becoming for those of you who know no other reality but 5D — and you really know no other way to express yourself! We are therefore attempting to find places and people to where we can send you for at least a degree of like-mindedness. This may be only a temporary measure, but we are beginning to see it as a necessity for the well-being of some of you who have been too isolated for far too long a time. Be on the lookout and ready for your ‘marching orders’. A hint: They may be in strange disguise… so be ready for anything!

Our love and blessings in the light always, Dear Ones!


**Channel: Beth Stormont for Era of Light