Sanat Kumara: The Ascent Is A Fairy Tale

sanat kumara eraoflightdotcomBeloved people,

Get out of the way of the madness of the times by retreating! The only thing that matters is that you do not let your senses be confused, that you do not let yourselves be infected by the energies of chaos and that you remain a resting pole in these turbulent days.

It is the inner path of peace and harmony that you should tread now, it is the inner attitude of confidence and knowledge that you should radiate now.

What knowledge is meant?

– The knowledge that everything is happening for the good of all,

– the knowledge that this galaxy is in upheaval and that the Earth is at the center of this upheaval,

– the knowledge that the light and the beautiful arise in the midst of darkness, and

– the knowledge that ascension is a fairy tale that will come true.

Few will ascend with you. Many have chosen dense experiences in the absence of light. They want to continue to live on an earth marked by violence and injustice. It will not be your earth.

This must not be mourned or condemned by you. Who are you to dismiss your neighbor’s choice as wrong?


Go into inner emigration. Observe and recognize everything that is happening on the outside, but take part in it only as far as it directly concerns you. Never fight for the sake of fighting, but only when it corresponds to your orders and when it is unavoidable.

But above all lead the right fight: the fight for freedom – against your inner enemies!

With this everything is said. Because as this time passes, a new time arises.

It already exists on a new level – the timeline of compassion and love. After everything is done here and the show is over, the people who are of good will will come together on the New Earth.

Never quarrel with time or circumstances that stretch you to the brink. Understand in the depths that things must come thicker now so that the people who are yet to awaken can awaken.

Pressure, drama and dense experiences ensure that certain people will turn away from this world and toward the New Earth.


You have to wait for that – and in the meantime complete yourself in character, refine your spiritual perception and get closer to the divine in you.

For even for you, who have decided to ascend to the New Earth, there is still much to do: It is necessary to dry the tears that you cry for your fellow human beings. It is to draw the certainty that some find happiness in misfortune and seek the light in darkness.

As it is, it is appropriate. The decisions have been made and paths are opening up. In the same way it is conceived by the Creator and decided by the individual for himself.

It is right and appropriate that this world means everything to one and nothing to the other.

The free will of every human being is the measure of the last days. So be it, so it is and so it comes that the consequences of decisions now become visible.

The mists between knowledge and ignorance are dissolving, the veil between one earth and another is lifting. The day of crossing over is near.

I am the way, the truth and the life.

I am the light, the love and the being.

I am in the midst of you – always.

I am the beginning and the end


**Translation from German to English by

**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl