The feet and Your Spiritual Ascension

earth shining eraoflightdotcomDear Cosmic Community,

Have you noticed that your feet are calling to you? Are they aching or feeling tired? Perhaps they’re even changing in appearance and you’ve been wondering why? If you’ve been actively questioning your life path and looking for reasons, as to ‘why‘ you’re at the place you are today and what your ‘choices’ had to do with it, then it’s likely that your feet are showing signs of intense activation. You see, your feet and your direction are implicitly linked and it’s your feet that are key indicators of your spiritual ascension.


The Feet – Your Life Book

Your feet are incredibly complex marvels of nature. They support and connect you with the Earth. They’re the mechanism through which you energetically ‘directly’ communicate with our planet, passing infinite messages between your body and the core of our beloved home. It’s your feet, which support you. It’s your feet that carry you through life, feeling every little nuance of what both motivates and also deters you from moving ahead, unhindered and in your power.

Your feet help you to balance, rise and lower your body, walk, run, sprint or even fly. It’s your beloved feet that energetically warn you of upcoming opportunities and even dangers, because they’re so connected with every other system of your body. Your feet tell the entire story of your life, you can read them like a ‘life book’.

Communicating with Your Feet

Indeed, if you hold your feet in your hands and close your eyes, you can ask your feet where they’ve been, what they’ve experienced and how their energy has carried you through lifetimes. They are a living ‘life book’. You can also ask your feet what their messages and guidance are regarding your current life. Ask them what they need from you and then listen. Write down what you hear. The messages will come through as an internal knowing. Try not to discount anything that you intuit. Then follow the instructions of your feet.

It also helps if you massage your feet daily. Keep them well exfoliated, moisturised and pliable and hold them in your hands often. Connecting your hands and feet creates a magical feedback loop that activates your soul’s growth and divine life path. I have a powerful Guided Meditation that will recalibrate your feet and your entire body

The Ancients Revered The Feet

If you’ve ever looked deeply at ancient statues, artwork and bas reliefs, you would have noticed that the feet figure prominently. The feet are usually large and broad, wearing no shoes or thin sandals of reeds or leather, beautifully, strongly, connecting directly with the ground. In particular, it was the Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians and Greeks who would depict their Goddesses, Gods and humans aspiring to meet the divine, always stepping ahead with the left foot forward, leading the right – meaning that they walk with spirit leading the physical. Do you walk with your left foot leading your right? All my life, I’ve felt ‘out-of-step’ if I walk any other way. Perhaps you’re the same, walking always in tune with spirit?

Feet and Your Direction

It’s your feet that respond to the messages of the soul. The nerve endings in your feet communicate and receive instructions from every energy centre (chakra) of your body. And there are several chakras also located on the feet. Whenever I conduct a Personal Healing Session, I’m drawn to hold both the feet and the knees to provide balancing and a deep sense of grounded security within the body.

As your feet pick up on the subtle energetic messages of your chakra system (which responds to the guidance of your soul) they’re told exactly how and when to move you through life. And dependent upon how well your human personality (the energy of your head – often called the ego) has recognised, connected with and dropped into the heart (the soul chamber) for its leadership, will determine how easily your soul’s desired direction will be followed.

More often than not, it’s your personality that gets in the way of soul’s infinite knowing. And hence, even though soul knows what you need and what’s best for you, your head can override soul’s guidance and your feet will pick up on this. So, while your soul may want you to move forward, the personality stops you, causing friction, confusion and problems with the feet.

Feet and Your Spiritual Ascension

Your feet are prime indicators of your spiritual ascension. And ‘spiritual ascension’ refers to your ongoing conscious evolution, as a human conducting yourself with a deep knowing of your spiritual (soul-based and infinite) reality. In other words, the more that you wake-up to who you are (beyond the physical reality) the greater your ascension unfolds. And as it unfolds, your physical body experiences upgrades, changes and activations in alignment with your developing energetic awareness.

You see, the physical body takes its cues from your energy body and as the energy body ascends, lightens and morphs, so too does your physical body. Your physical body then releases old patterns and heaviness and how well you allow this process to happen, determines how smoothly your ascension process unfolds.

Your feet (in particular) experience great change, as your spiritual ascension grows. They tell you much about your developing life path.

Common physical symptoms of your feet activating – during spiritual ascension:

  • Itching feet/Athletes Foot – You may be too rigid and resistant of change. Allow new ideas to flow. Follow new directions. Be more natural and open to the elements. There’s no need to hide who you are. Let the freshness in. Reveal your authentic self.

  • Hot feet/TinglingWhy are you at a standstill? There’s nothing to fear. Take the next step and follow through.

  • Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain)Have you put the brakes on? Is life moving more quickly than you’d like? Do you want to go back in time or is your new direction one you’re unsure of? Take the chance and go with the future that’s developing.

  • Stress Fractures/Rolling The Ankles – You’re needing to slow down, yet are pushing yourself regardless. Your feet are saying ‘stop’. There’s something that you’re required to see and acknowledge, that’s right in front of you.

  • Blisters/Corns/Bunions – You need more room to move and just be you. Why are you holding yourself back? Soul wishes for you to become liberated, free, easy and in the flow of life. Follow the path less travailed.

  • Fallen Arches – You’ve been standing in one place (metaphorically speaking) for far too long. Bring variety, spontaneity and a light attitude forth. Be open to the new. Trust in the flow. You’re supported by spirit.

  • Ticklish Feet – Engage more fully with your direction. Love being personally responsible for your choices.

  • Limping/Aching Feet – Rest and put your feet up. You’re pushing too hard. There’s a less painful and simpler way that’s unfolding.

  • Let me know in the (comments below) if you have other feet ascension symptoms and would like to know what they mean?

Your Left Foot

The left side of your body is influenced by the functioning of the right side of your brain, which is your intuitive, feminine and imaginative brain sphere. This right sphere of the brain concentrates the aspect of your personality that’s most closely aligned with the spiritual dimension. Therefore, your left foot is responsible for supporting and leading you onto your spiritual path.

Look at both of your feet together, side-by-side, on the ground. They’ll both appear to be very different. Is your left foot larger? Perhaps softer in appearance? Considering that your left foot is your feminine and spiritual foot, what does it say about how well you’re currently following your spiritual path?

I tend to find that any issues with the left foot can reveal that you’re not fully following through with the path that soul wants you to lead. You could be ignoring your spiritual call. There could be a lack of trust in your spiritual path. Perhaps you cannot ‘see’ where the spiritual path would take you or you fear the results of what would need to change in your life in order to be yourself and aligned with soul and spirit.

You can speak with your left foot. Just place your left foot in both of your hands and cradle it gently. Close your eyes and ask your left foot what it can tell you about your spiritual path. Listen. Write down your left foot’s wisdom and say, ‘Thank you’. Then do your best to honour the messages of your left foot, your beloved supporter and leader of spirit through your physical life.

Your Right Foot

The right side of your body is influenced by the functioning of the left side of your brain, which is your logical, masculine and intellectual brain sphere. This left sphere of the brain concentrates the aspect of your personality that’s most closely aligned with the physical dimension. Therefore, your right foot is responsible for leading you towards your physical path. Does your right foot often have more issues than your left? Do you push yourself, even when you’re tired?

Considering that your right foot is your masculine and physical foot, what does it say about how well you’re currently following your physical path? What if you decided to respect and honour both of your feet (left and right) equally? Would they then share the load and allow your physical/spiritual life to more easily integrate?

I tend to find that any issues with the right foot can represent a lack of trust in one’s ability to simply take the lead. Perhaps you’re being over controlling of your direction and micro-managing every little detail? To assist with right foot issues, consider if you’re either moving too fast or too slow with your direction? You’ll know which one it is. Then change course and see what a difference it makes.

You can speak with your right foot. Just place your right foot in both of your hands and cradle it gently. Close your eyes and ask your right foot what it can tell you about your physical path. Listen. Write down your right foot’s wisdom and say, ‘Thank you’. Then do your best to honour the messages of your right foot, your beloved director of an integrated physical and spiritual life path.

**Source **By Elizabeth Peru