Archangel Michael: How You See Suffering

Dear Ones! I am Archangel Michael!

I am not here to add, as you usually say, more wood to the fire. I bring today a moment of reflection. The atmosphere on your planet is coming to a climax for the big moment. I would say that everything is extremely exacerbated; the reactions are intense; the feelings are intense. Like a big shed abandoned over time that has a big layer of dust on it. And one day someone decides that they are going to clean this shed. It’s a lot of dust because it’s been sitting for so long. So this dust takes over the air; it will be removed somehow but it will take over the air, it will rise up and pollute that air for a long time; until it is totally cleaned.

So I would say to you that your planet now, all the dust is up; there are no more carpets; there are no more hiding places; there is nothing. Nothing is hidden; everything is out in the open. And when all these energies come to the surface, a great mass of negative energy rises up along with it, because they are not nice feelings. Everything that is hidden under the rug, hidden in forbidden places, are not things of Light, they are offenses, they are bad deeds, they are bad feelings, everything that is of low vibration. And your planet is living it today. You are living inside this big mass of negative energy.Then it starts to feel like everything is out of control, that all the problems of the world start to appear; that things previously unheard of start to be revealed. New things? No, very old things, but things that were hidden and now are laid bare. And of course this whole layer reaches each one of you. There is no way not to be in this layer. There is no place on the planet where you can say, “No, here I am immune!” No, because it’s a big aura; it’s like a big egregore of negative energy around the whole planet.

And what is happening today? By the laws of physics, let’s put it this way, each particle has a weight. So lighter particles float, stay in the air; heavier ones tend to fall. So imagine a large negative light grid, and the Light from the Central Sun, (another large light grid around the planet). Those lighter particles, that is, those lighter negative energies have been consumed, long ago; and this great egregore of Light is reaching the apex, which are the heavy ones, those that do the most damage. And these are not so easy to transmute.

And you are going through this moment, where any imbalance, any open door, lets in an avalanche of problems. Ah, so what to do? Sit down, lie down in a hammock and sleep? Oh no, sit on the doorstep and cry? No, I don’t think that’s a good solution either. The time now is to think out loud, to think about balance, to think about everything with Love, not to let your heart overflow bad feelings, not to let yourself be contaminated by what is outside.

So here I’ll make a short paragraph. What is suffering for you? Is it something that hurts, is it something that brings unbalance, is it something without a solution, is it something that you like to feel. Each of you will have your own definition. And what is the tendency of the human being? “Oh, the world is causing me this suffering. When you say “the world”, it is the other, it is life, ah, it is God the Father/Mother. Ah, there will always be someone to blame, forgetting that every step you take returns to you. So if a suffering comes, it is the return of a bad step taken back there. It doesn’t matter if it’s in this life, if it’s in another life; it doesn’t matter. It is the return. And who provoked it? The other? No, it was you. You provoked your own suffering.

Then many will say that I am talking nonsense. I am not worried about this. And then what do you do with this suffering? “No, I didn’t create it, the other person did. So what am I going to do? I will throw my suffering in the other’s lap, so that he will suffer with me. Ah, it is very unfair that I suffer alone. So I take a megaphone and tell everyone about my suffering. Then there will always be that… “Poor thing! Oh, dear, what a pity! Everyone starts to feel sorry for the one who is suffering.

Now I ask: What do you have to do with the suffering of the other? I answer: Nothing. Because each one has to do with his own paths, not with the other’s path. If the other did something to you, it was your creation. Everything originates in you. So I ask a question: Why, when you have a problem do you have the need to pass it on to the other? It is because this is a need that you have; to take the problem and throw it in the lap of how many? You don’t know, in the lap of a lot of people to see if someone will help you.

Then I ask you a question: Whose problem is it? Who created the problem? You did. Then why do you think that someone else will solve your problem? I would say to you that there is a great selfishness there. “If I am suffering, I will pass on this suffering to as many people as I can, because then everyone will suffer with me. Well, you really have a great capacity to love the other: “Oh no, but I’ll pass it on to see if the other helps me. And why do you have to ask the other for help?

How many times are we going to have to repeat here, that help is inside you, not outside. You shout, you exalt, “Oh, I believe in this one; I believe in that one; I adore him; I love him; but when you have a problem, you go and look for it? The other one. That is interesting. It is as if you were saying to us: “Look! I believe, I trust, it’s OK, but I need someone physical to help me. Yes, I can’t do it in my mind alone. Hmm! Interesting way of thinking. Because tomorrow if you find yourself alone somewhere and have no one to ask for help, what will it be like? You will tear your hair out, you will go bald, but you will not ask for help from the one inside you. Because you have always depended on the other. It was always the other who solved your problems, many times giving you his opinion, for that problem; and that was not the best answer for you, because the problem was yours, not his.When will you learn this? Look, for as long as we have been saying this, I don’t think you will ever learn it. And then you say to us: “But I can’t hear you. It is interesting the absurd need you have to have everything in sight. You can’t believe without seeing. So I tell you: learn this, because tomorrow when each one of you, for whatever reason, is going to be alone, how will you do it? Oh, I get it, you will sit in a corner, you will cry until someone comes along. Interesting. Very interesting this posture.

This is not a scolding, it is a reflection. You are going through a difficult moment on the planet, in which each one of you will begin to see more and more those energies that are well kept, and that are yours; and that each one of you will have to treat them; you will have to look them in the face and find the solution. And how do you find the solution? Ah, I hear in unison the answer: “By asking the other for help! Yes, you really haven’t learned anything. You keep insisting on the same mistake. The other is more important than we are. We don’t listen to you, we don’t do anything for you, we don’t give you the answers, we don’t take care of you. That’s right. If you are telling us all this, that is right; it is your choice.

Now just think about this: every time you take your suffering and throw it in everybody’s face, did somebody ask you for this? Did someone ask you to know your problem? Did somebody say to you like this: “You have a problem, tell me about it? Did anyone say? No, because people are polite; they won’t say that to you. But you did it. You took your problem, made a ball, and threw it in everybody’s face. Everybody is suffering along with you. Satisfied now, were you happy? I believe you were happy because you spread your suffering around. How wonderful, everyone is now suffering with you, thinking about your problem, to give you a solution. Good, right? You will have several solutions. How wonderful! What did you do? Nothing. You had the answer right in your hands.

You didn’t think, you didn’t even meditate on the problem, you passed it on, and you had the answer. How wonderful! So, I’ll just tell you one little thing: First point – you invaded the free will of others, because nobody asked to know your problem; second – your problem will come back. Ah, but it will come back, and it will come back much stronger, because it was not you who solved it, it was others.

So my brothers and sisters, once again I will ask this: What is to be shared? Experiences. What are experiences? Are they suffering, are they moments of pain, are they moments of anguish? Are these experiences? I believe not. So I will ask you once again: whoever has your problems, keep them, nobody has anything to do with you; it is your problem; it is not the group’s problem; it is not the others’ problem. Spread experiences, exchange views, not sufferings. Is it very difficult to understand this?

And another point, to close the subject, why do you have the need to ask the other to do something for you? Why? Answer: why do you have this need? “I’ll do this, like this, like this. Please pray for me?” You are imposing those people to pray for you. They will feel obliged to pray for you. Is this good? No, it is not. Why? And I’ll just tell you one thing: When you ask to count a problem and ask others to pray for a problem that is yours, I will tell you that you don’t only get positive energy. Many there take pleasure in increasing your problem. So think about it.

People have the free will to donate as much as they want. No one has to. Asking is something you impose on others to do. Think about it, and start changing your attitudes. Just remember one phrase: Each day will become more difficult. The definition of how the path will be is up to each one of you. So make the right choices.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation by


7 Replies to “Archangel Michael: How You See Suffering”

  1. Denise G

    While some might say it seems a little antagonistic and not resonate, I really hope they listened to the deeper message here first!
    As I read this I clearly saw my past 53 years on this planet and where I had caused suffering and WHY I had caused it, I saw the reasons for the suffering I caused, especially in the last 2 to 3 DECADES of my life! I saw the times when I ignored my intuition and the pain that was caused from it.
    I AM so very GRATEFUL to you BOTH for this message AND this amazing new understanding of MYSELF!!!
    Love and Light Blessings to All!!!

  2. Tylette Crosby

    You not channel saint Michael. I. Think you are a evil soul In fact you Your soul way gone You don’t even know what the. Real saint Michael look like. And you will. Never know

    1. Denise

      I’m so sorry you feel that way but you should realize that all are your teachers, even those that don’t resonate can teach you something.
      I hope you have a Blessed day!