The Illusion You Wanted to See

If you ‘re committed to seeing persons, then some of them will seem so inferior as to be dangerous. Some of them will feel so superior as to be threatening.

If you look beyond the perception of inferior and superior, and you rest here, this means that you abandon the defenses meant to protect a separate person. This does not harm you because you are not and never have been a separate person. It is impossible for you to ever truly be a separate person, and what goes for you goes for all. It is because you are not and cannot ever be a separate person that your defenses are not needed. You do not have to deny that you perceive separate persons in order to see this.

When you are engaged in defenses meant to protect or promote the separate person, this is the perfect time for you to find the thinking that gives these defenses meaning and value. You don’t have to abandon a defense that is still meaningful to you, but you have every opportunity to feel the fear behind this defense and to look at the thinking that holds it up.

Find your willingness to see the being shining behind the person. Here is your rest, within all beings, who share the same nature, regardless of the appearances you asked to see. Here is your nature, within the ones you look upon. Rest here, and you rest in what is Real. Rest here, and all the things ego insists it has to handle and manage are simply arranged. As all things are arranged, the thing you call you is arranged, too. You are guided as part of the whole, and as you are guided, so is everyone and everything else.

Let’s look at this thought: I shouldn’t want things for myself. There is an I, and it seems to want things for itself. The thought comes that it would be a better I than the not-good-enough-I it is right now if it could change somehow. We’ve got good news for you. The actual I is shared, and it’s changeless and perfect forever. It doesn’t need any landscaping or excavating. When you stop listening to thoughts that tell you the I is something that can be changed, you can discover the true I that all share. As you remember this I, you allow it to shine through everyone you meet.

The ideas about the world that you cling to most tightly are those that warp your perception most severely. So don’t be shy about finding these ideas today. Find your willingness to notice how these thoughts about a world feel, and know that you can let them go. Every day is your opportunity to release out of the tension and to live in the safety of the relaxation. This is not a relative and exaggerated relaxation. It doesn’t belong to the back and forth of the world. This relaxation into safety belongs to all and is the true nature of all. In this way you remember how to be in the world but not of it.

You only see the illusion you wanted to see. This is very important to remember. You can overlook it, but overlooking it guarantees self-protectiveness and tension. Whatever you seem to see, you wanted to see it. This doesn’t make it your fault–only your mistake. The one remedy for your mistake is perception correction. Stay in the heart of willingness to have your perception corrected, and you stay where all solutions are provided.

We shine as the same I you Are. We cannot be closer, and it is our joy to show you how safe you are in this actual closeness to those you call other.

**By Julie Boerst