Making Good Decisions after Bad

AA-choices-man-and-alternatives-300x261Questioner:  Council, I had one question.  Earlier you had said that after the one wrong decision and the rippling and there was a next decision.  You said if the mind or “conscious” or “conscience,” I wasn’t sure what you said, is wise enough to make the right choice. I was curious, do you mean “conscience” there or “consciousness”?

The Council:  Well, conscience and consciousness.  Let us say the consciousness is what you are outwardly thinking with, the conscience is that little voice inside.  Many times decisions are made from both levels.  Your conscious mind may think this is the proper decision but the conscience may say it is not a proper decision.  Does that answer the question?

Questioner:  Then when you said “mind or conscience,” then you are saying “the conscious mind or conscience” is wise enough?

The Council:  Both work together.

Questioner:  Since we all make dozens of decisions everyday, and if not looking for some specific achievement like developing artistic ability or music ability, but just want to try to clear away all these ripples, because after 35 years of a bunch of wrong decisions you have got a storm, not just ripples.  How can you go about this? What is the best way to go about this to try to level everything out so you can start making more consistent proper decisions for the remainder of your life?

The Council:  It just takes a very firm decision on the individual’s part to begin to make decisions based on a godly attitude as opposed to a self-serving attitude, and eventually you eliminate the ripples, decision by decision clarifies the vision.  But you have got to remember that if you have spent 35 years in making selfish decisions, you are not going to correct all that inaccuracy in all those problems that they have created in five or six little decisions. So it may take many years at re-establishing a very peaceful life. Great traumas that occur in individual’s lives are not always planned.  Rarely are they truly planned at a soul level as a learning experience.

One learns just as well from a life of peace and harmony as they do from a life full of pain and suffering.  But it is your ego that creates the pain and the suffering.  Even those who have tremendous karmic debts to pay, when their life is planned out, it is planned out as a life of great service to others, and in this service then they correct the karmic debt.  What happens as a general rule, they make the wrong decisions, and therefore their life is no longer simple service but becomes one involved with all kind of pains and problems and turmoils and what have you.