Stonehenge, A Fake Fix?

stThere are many different sources that say the original ‘stonehenge’ was somewhere in Ireland. I myself do not doubt the idea of the stones being ‘planted’ where they’re today by the orders of the powers that were. Below is just a folk tale quote on this. And you will see the pictures dating back to the 1950’s when the stones were being erected. But that is not the first time, in fact that was the last time they were ‘moved around’ from their original place. Also the stones have been ‘recrafted’ from their original form. It is said that the original ones had clear writings, carvings on them.

A folk tale, relates the origin of the Friar’s Heel reference.

The Devil bought the stones from a woman in Ireland, wrapped them up, and brought them to Salisbury plain. One of the stones fell into the Avon, the rest were carried to the plain. The Devil then cried out, “No-one will ever find out how these stones came here!” A friar replied, “That’s what you think!”, whereupon the Devil threw one of the stones at him and struck him on the heel. The stone stuck in the ground and is still there.

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