In Response to “Hope for the World” from KejRaj

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I understand your frustration, you are not the only one dear friend.

For the past 12,000 years or so, it has been very difficult to say the least for Mother Earth to ‘hold on’ to TWO separate, very distinctive worlds, if you will. One being a third density and the other being a fourth density world, one being filled with light, love, peace and joy, while the other being filled with the opposite of light, love, peace and joy.

The Inner Realm of Mother Earth cannot move to its next stage of evolution without the Outer Realm doing the same and the two worlds are integrated. This is happening right now.

So, ONE of the main reasons as to why the Inner Realm has remained in fourth density for quite some time is YOU and ME and the rest of humanity in the past and present on Mother Earth’s surface.

Yes, we can play the blame game and blame our family from the Inner Realm. Yes, they could have done more to assist the surface world, they didn’t. If they had done this, another galactic war would have been inevitable. How you may ask? To keep this short, ‘negative entities’ would have instigated it, going against the ‘teachings’ of love and peace from the Agarthans to the surface humanity, and than you would probably have the Pleiadians involved, and so on.

Perhaps when we look back, we will see it was for the better that the Inner Realm family did not interfere in our evolution.

But at the end, we have no one to blame, perhaps our selves. It is our own fault for always wanting to be babysat, always looking for an OUTside force to take care of us and for being so gullible and simply buying into everything we have been told by our so called leaders.

Have we learned our lesson? Probably YOU have. But are YOU doing your part in sharing what you KNOW so history does not repeat its self?

We MUST realize that each and every one of us are Gods, for lack of a better term, we can ‘govern’ our own selves, we can and we WILL create peace in this world.

♦Let Love Be Your Intention.
♦From Heart to Heart, KejRaj(KayRy).