Vaccination Detox

tuiVaccinosis is the name of a disease that describes a series of bodily reactions, ranging from chronic headaches, nausea and pains to very serious illnesses. These conditions are experienced after receiving a vaccination, with some symptoms reverberating years, even decades, later. But Vaccinosis is probably a word unknown to your medical tech or physician about to inject you, your child or your pet with the latest pharmacological concoction. This name was penned by homeopathic physician Dr. J. Compton Burnett, who wrote “Vaccinosis and Its Cure by Thuga,” in 1884. Despite the fact that in Dr. Compton Burnett’s day heavy metals were not utilized in vaccines, he believed these induced effects could be long term.

Vaccines have only become more potent and more aggressively scheduled. If one chooses – or is unexpectedly forced – to receive a vaccination, the goal is to counteract toxins through aggressive robust health. Simple steps include rejecting all processed foods, limiting our sugar intake, eating a variety of colorful organic fruits and vegetables, ingesting good fat and keeping our bodies alkaline levels right and hydrated with clean water. But when heavy metals like aluminum and mercury come in to our bloodstream via a vaccination, we need more firepower. Natural News suggests these five excellent food sources to begin the chelation process:

Chlorella – This superfood of superfoods has phytonutrients, is rich in minerals and fights the absorption of lead, mercury and uranium.

Cilantro –  A delicious addition to any meal that also binds itself to metals, cleansing the body.

Citrus Peels –  Don’t relegate these to your compost pile… heavy metals are dislodged by the pectin in the peel.

Spirulina – Dense with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, the detox effects on heavy metals is one of a long list of health benefits by this photosynthesis wonder.

Garlic – Heavy metals can be moved along by its sulfur content, while the Garlic’s allicin fights colds and lowers your blood pressure.

Heavy metals, however, like aluminum and mercury, are just one component in the list of toxic vaccine contaminants. VaxTruth shares these ingredient components in a long jaw-dropping list that includes things like formaldehyde, used in embalming fluid, monosodium glutamate and human DNA. So, strengthening your immune system is vital and again, that requires that your sugar intake be limited. If you have any packaged grocery store sugar in your house, it is made from GMO sugar beets, which can create another laundry list of digestion problems. Cancer feeds on sugar. Unhealthy low-grade bacteria feed on sugar, as do fungal infections, which Body Ecology believes is “one of the main causes of inflammation.”

Oil of oregano is a major fungus fighter. You can rub it on your feet, or your shins for absorption. For those who can’t handle the potent smell, it is available in a pill. Whole food based Vitamin B is also essential as well as herbs like, as Natural News reports, “echinacea, goldenseal, and goldthread… when used in conjunction with each other, will help purify the blood, remove toxins and keep any infectious agent at bay, all while helping to repair the immune system.”

And let’s not forget our canine and feline friends. We need to keep them healthy too. Charles Loops, DVM, wrote an article in 1998 that described what he was seeing at his practice – chronic conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, skin disease and lupus. Dr. Loops said these pets are suffering as a result of the vaccinations. He called it vaccinosis.

By: NautralNews|VaxTruth