Archangel Gabriel: Focus Now

gabrielSo many of you wait to get clarity about what you would like to create until it is time to make new years resolutions. But if you are looking for some extra energetic support, it would be far wiser to make those intentions and changes before the winter solstice. You see, solstices serve as “save points” where the energy and progress gets locked in. Harnessing that energy to support the changes you wish to make will make it far easier to be successful in those desires.

This will also allow you to simply focus on shifting into the energy of the new year when it comes, rather than attempting to shift and create new habits all at the same time. Of course, you can always make intentions or changes whenever you like but why not use your wisdom to harness all the energetic support possible to help you be successful in the creation all your hopes and dreams? ~Archangel Gabriel

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