Master Kuthumi: It Is Time

kuthumiBeloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love. We, the ascended Masters have agreed that we will all use this statement at the beginning of our messages. There is much that is afoot upon your planet. Many changes are occurring to all the old systems of operation. There is a great need for this to occur, for as you all know, there is much that is outdated and is not in tune with the higher frequencies that we are now in the midst of. And so we ask that you remain aware and vigilant, that you listen to the voice of reason and use your discernment, for there is much that is not the highest truth that is spreading across the planet.

We ask that you check in to your heart, at least once each day, to sit quietly in silence, to still your mind and wait for your Divine essence to give you guidance and instruction, for this is the way of the Initiate, this is the way for everyone to steer through these times in safety and protection. It is not so much danger to the self that we are referring to – it is the danger of being swept up in energies and movements that are not conducive to the path of Light and truth that you have been treading. And so, we of the ascended realms of Light come forward in this moment of now to give this advice.

Many changes to the structures of the world are, and will, continue to take place. This will continue into the next year, this will continue to bring to Light all that is not for the highest good of every citizen upon this planet. We are endeavouring to cleanse all that no longer resonates with the new paradigm that is becoming a greater reality for the citizens of the Earth. All are in the collective consciousness, all are being affected and you who are the Light Bearers, the pattern breakers and the pattern makers are asked to continue to walk your path of Light.

Never falter, do not lose faith no matter what occurs upon your planet. Know that you and your loved ones are safe and so we ask you to be who you really are – Light – Love – Wisdom – and hold this knowing within you through the coming days. The majority of humanity upon the surface of the planet has forgotten their Divine origin, their Divine roots and all the occurrences that are now happening upon the planet are those which will connect each person with their Divine Self, for it is in experiencing changes that the greatest transformation will occur.

Those of you who read or hear these words know of what it is I am speaking. You know that these changes have been and will continue to occur. It is foreordained, it is the result of many cosmic alignments that have been foretold for many, many centuries. That time is now. Know that we are with you, the Lightworkers, and the people of this planet. We work in unison to bring Divine order, Divine truth, Divine Light and Divine love to anchor upon this planet. It is time the Earth and all her inhabitants became a member of the Star Nation planets. It is time the Light frequency takes root within every heart that they may rise, awaken and remember the glory and majesty that lives within them.

I come in peace, I speak for the ascended Master consciousness and we work together as one for the highest good of all. And so it is! I thank you! So be it!

I AM Kuthumi.

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