10 Cancer Causing Products You Use On Your Body Every Morning

maxresdefaultDid you know that most of the things you apply on your skin are absorbed into the body? And did you further know that there are over 10,000 ingredients in skin care products?

The chemicals in these products are suspected to contribute to the rising cancer cases. So you may want to avoid them to lower risk of cancer. Here are 10 common products to avoid.

1. Moisturizers

For one thing, moisturizers cause unwanted side effects such as irritation, occlusive folliculitis, and allergies. But the worst thing is they can increase the risk of skin cancer. Researchers say that mineral oils are to blame for this. Apply natural and organic skin moisturizers like coconut oil.

2. Skin lighting creams

Most skin lighting creams have excess (dangerous) amounts of mercury. You’re better off getting a diamond peel in the nearest spa.

3. Sunscreen

Research says that sunscreens which contain Retinyl Palmitate can cause skin tumors. In fact, most sunscreens harm your skin rather than protecting it.

The best option is clear zinc sunscreen. Remember that sun exposure will give you vitamin D and can even lower risk of skin cancer.

4. Mascara

Most mascaras contain chemicals that can cause cancer, regardless of whether they’re cheap or expensive. Make sure you buy organic and fragrance-free mascara. And don’t use it for more than 6 months.

5. Deodorants

Deodorants can affect our hormones, skin, and metabolic system. Most of their ingredients have been linked to cancer. The best option is to make homemade deodorant using organic ingredients.

6. Talcum powder

One of the main ingredients in talcum powder is magnesium silicate. Most times the silica is contaminated and increases the risk of ovarian cancer. Use organic body powder.

7. Toothpaste

Toothpastes contain propylene, fluoride, saccharin, dyes, and sodium lauryl sulfate – which have all been linked to cancer. Make sure you buy toothpaste that doesn’t contain chemicals and fluoride.

8. Lipstick

Lipsticks contain many toxins that may ruin your health. They include lead, tar, petroleum distillates, and many others.

9. Benzoyl peroxide

Studies show that using benzoyl peroxide to treat acne and skin oiliness can increase the risk of skin tumors. Organic lemon essential oil is a safer and effective alternative.

10. Hairspray

Some of the chemicals in hairsprays can have negative side effects on our lungs. Look for organic hair products, preferably not sprays.

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