Archangel Michael: New Age Creed

34654781.       Love your Father/Mother God with all your Beingness. Love yourselfunconditionally as a Divine Spark of the Creator. Love everyone else as you love yourself.

2.       Know that you are caretakers of the Earth and all life forms that reside upon her…the nature, animal, elemental and human kingdoms.  Protect, preserve and honor all expressions of life.

3.       Live your life with joy and with the spontaneity and delight of a child.  Endeavor to leave a legacy of love and hope.  Enjoy the journey of life and strive to fulfill your earthly mission to the best of your ability.

4.       Maintain a constant attitude of gratitude, and live each day as though Spirit were perched on your shoulder as an observer.  Practice nonjudgmentand look for the good in everyone.

5.       Your goal is to return to balance in body, mind and Spirit.  Polarity and duality will no longer affect you when you walk the middle path.

6.       Seek and claim your highest truth, and then live your truth with integrity.  Allow others the same right.

7.       Learn and use the Universal Laws of Manifestation, the God-given tools which will assist you to create your version of paradise on Earth.

8.       Share the wisdom you have integrated with others, first by example, then through your actions, and finally through words.

9.       Claim your Divine Birthright: the love, joy, peace, health and abundance which are yours as a gift from our Father/Mother God.

10.     Each day, call on your Mighty I AM Presence to overLight, guide and direct you, then listen to Its inner nudgings.  Call upon the Mighty Angel of Forgiveness and the Violet Flame at the end of each day to balance, harmonize and transmute any discordant energy you have projected that day, thereby rendering it harmless, which moves you beyond the laws of cause and effect and into a state of grace.

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