One Word: Fasting

chakraGreetings All! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj!

One thing I have been meaning to talk more about, share more articles on is fasting. But for no good reason I kept pushing it to the next day, week, month, and so on. Nonetheless here we are.

In this lifetime I have fasted a total of thirty days or less in total. Seven of those days were in 2014. In the spring of 2014 I made the decision to do a water only fast for seven days.

When I completed the fast, my first reaction was ‘that was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be’, especially when I read many peoples thoughts on fasting, I must say they almost made it seem impossible or scary. As I always say, it is all a matter of choice. Put your mind and heart in it, consider it completed.

Now I’m not saying to not be cautious. Yes, listen to your body. First, only try a day or two, than try doing it for more days. Make sure you are fully resting when you are doing a fast. Water or dry fast in particular, abstain from all activities. Meditation would be the only ‘activity’ you may wish and be able to ‘perform’, again depending on the form of fasting you choose to do.

I will stop here. Below I will share an article with more details on fasting.

The Benefits of Fasting

Can the benefits of fasting really be so broad? Yes, they can, and they are. We are so much more than a physical body and fasting affects every part of our being.

When we cease the over-indulgence that has become so common in our modern world, even for a short while, our lives and our priorities become clearer. Do these “short while”s occasionally, and you have a tool that will greatly add to your life.

Fasting will:

  1. rest the digestive system
  2. allow for cleansing and detoxification of the body
  3. create a break in eating patterns, while shining a spotlight on them
  4. promote greater mental clarity
  5. cleanse and heal “stuck” emotional patterns
  6. lead to a feeling of physical lightness, increasing energy level
  7. promote an inner stillness, enhancing spiritual connection

These benefits of fasting are not limited to just traditional fasts like water or juice, but can be attained through cleansing diets as well, although the effects will be less pronounced, as they occur over a longer time frame. But they will be there.

Physical effects of fasting

Fasting has been called the “miracle cure” because the list of physical conditions improved by fasting is long and varied. Cited most often are allergies, arthritis, digestive disorders of all kinds, skin conditions, cardiovascular disease, and asthma. Because fasting initiates the body’s own healing mechanisms, any ailment may show improvement.

Fasting frees up energy so healing can begin

Fasting is a wonderful antidote for our usual over-indulgences. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying our food, but excess food on a continuous basis does create a burden for the body. When it must handle more than is comfortable and appropriate for it, it will suffer.

Imagine at work how you feel when you’re handed a huge work load–more than you can handle in your 8-10 hour day, more than is comfortable and appropriate for your job title (or salary level). You’re under duress. But you WILL cope. You MUST cope. You must make decisions. You attend to the most important and urgent of matters and set aside those that can wait for another day.

This is what our bodies do when they’re overworked; they tuck things away for another day. Whatever tasks can be postponed will be. And more work is dumped on them at every meal- or snack-time, whether they’re ready or not. This is why fasting is a beautiful gift you give to yourself. A vacation for your weary, overworked, under-appreciated body.

During fasting, we rest our system from the constant onslaught of food stuffs. We usually think of food as giving us energy, so it can be a new way of thinking to understand how the food we eat actually requires energy. Digesting, assimilating and metabolizing–these activities require a great deal of energy. It is estimated that 65% of the body’s energy must be directed to the digestive organs after a heavy meal.

Some Benefits of Fasting:

Antiaging effects
Better attitude
Better resistance to disease
Better sleep
Change of habits
Clearer planning
Clearer skin
Diet changes
Drug detoxification
Improved senses
(vision, hearing, taste)
More clarity
(mentally and emotionally)
More energy
More relaxation
New ideas
Reduction of allergies
Rest for digestive organs
Right use of will
Spiritual awareness
Weight loss

Free up this energy and it can be diverted to healing and recuperation. It can detox and repair cells, tissues and organs, eliminating foreign toxins as well as the natural metabolic wastes (which are also toxins) produced even by our healthy cells.

And this is what the body will do during a fast. It will take advantage of that time and energy to do some housecleaning. The overloaded, overworked system, unable to properly handle all the toxins, has been storing any excesses in the tissues where they can be dealt with later. This is one of the great health benefits of fasting in that it offers this opportunity to play “catch up”.

Fasting itself isn’t necessarily a “cure” for anything. What it does is “set the stage” or create the environment in which healing can occur. Our bodies know how to heal themselves. We just have to “get out of the way”, and this means on all levels of our being. Fasting has a way of rebalancing us on all those levels.

Physically, fasting is of high benefit to the chronic degenerative diseases that are plaguing our population and that modern medicine is at loss to cure.

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