The New Free Energy Device Going To Market By Innova Techno

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We proudly present the world first available free energy generator. The device IPP7.4 is an electricity generator, that delivers an output of 7350w 220V without using any fuel for its work. Typically it uses its own energy to work by itself. This is a completely new approach to the way in the production of electricity.


The device uses elements that are found in other devices on the market, that are used since the 40s and 50s, with some innovative additions in newer times. The device is in a locked box, protected and insulated from noise and rotating parts, with alarm system for our safety.

It is designed to work in a private homes and cottages or small workshops or independent objects. In the case of floods, the device automatically turns off and it has a circuit breaker (safety switch) in case of an overload or short circuit. The device continues work, as soon as the user reduces the number of electricity consumers. It is designed to work constantly 24/7, but it can be manually switched off and on again, as it has spare gel battery 48V / 36Ah.

It has a technical certificate that it is not harmful to humans and the environment.

The user(buyer) have to sign an contract, to not open the device for a period of 5 years, which is the period of warranty aswell, that warranty can be extended for the next 5 years.

The standard IPP7.4 unit is for indoor use only The IPP7.4H comes with a hermetic box and is suitable for outdoor use. The weight of the standard IPP7.4 is about 95kgs.

A model with an output of 380V (+ 220V) will be on sale around March 2017.

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11 Replies to “The New Free Energy Device Going To Market By Innova Techno”

  1. Ed

    Its just the beginning. Expect more like this one to pop up every few months. They had been deliberately held back. The power to continue to keep them hidden is failing. All that has been hidden will be revealed. That is the underlying ‘energy’ of this point in history.

    1. Dr Sausage Goat

      LOL Here we go again! I so want this to be true but the reality is that it “isn’t” What I mean by this is that for a thing to be considered true or real in our world we need to be able to understand the mechanism by which it operates and be able to faithfully reproduce the results. All these guys need do to is publish the design worldwide and let us in the “real world” build and test the unit ourselves. But none of these designs ever get published because they don’t work! Steorn from Ireland published their design and it quickly became obvious that it was a failure. So come on Innova Techno, publish or be damned 🙂

  2. Fredrik Wedelstam

    If this would be true it´s the most importand discovery in history. The wheel, penicillin, nuclear energy et c are nothing in comparison. “It uses its own energy”. Really? What is this “own energy”? When this “own energi” is depletet, what then?

    There will probably be someone who´s uneducated enough to pay in advance for this scam.

    1. unitycenter

      You have obviously NOT been out in a while. This is not a scam unlike your quick dismissal of anything innovative. Been following things of this type for 25 years and talked with a few. The intent of any of them NEVER was to scam…it was to invent something better. And yes money can be involved, because the status quo of the world would rather not be challenged to give people something of value. But go ahead, crawl back into your Neanderthal cave with your fire and bones…nothing of interest for you here.

  3. fulfillingtorahministries

    I saw a working model of a similar device in the mid-1990s that had a coil running through a magnetic field inducing electrical energy to the transmission lines. Similar concept?

    The magnets had to be replaced relatively frequently, as the magnetic field would weaken over time as the energy held in the magnet was being weakened by the electrical energy being drawn off by the coils. The magnets were kind of expensive.

    There is no such thing as ‘free’ electrical energy, unless someone figures out how to tap the nuclear force out of the atoms of matter itself. Think “Zero Point Modules” from the old “Star Gate” movies and TV series. It is hypothetically possible, and Nicola Tesla claimed to have done it, but there aren’t many Nicola Teslas.

    1. Phil

      If you stop destroying your supply dipole in a closed circuit, you can keep taking as much energy you wish without any reduction of magnetic or battery strength. Think of a tank circuit that charges a capacitor which when charged is switched into a load. The charged capacitor stops the dipole degrading because no current flows back to the dipole. The equalisiation only takes place in the capacitor.This is a known fact that many refuse to acknowledge, and who have missed a very simple known method known amoung free energy people.Dont stay ignorent anymore.Close circuits will alway cause enthropy, open circuits are overunity by nature.Look at the water system of the earth sea,evapouration,condensation, rain, rivers, sea.Is it a close or open system? Open, the sun is the cause of the energy cycle.

  4. Tom Harmon

    I would be interested also but it would also depend on the price.
    Can two or more units be paralleled to increase output power to 14-15KW?