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National Security And International Terrorism Alert

Dear Sir/Madam, Please read the following notification carefully as it requires actions on your part and might have legal implications for you and your office in future. I am writing to inform you of large-scale

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Sheldan Nidle 4/11/2017

11 Men, 18 Mac, 13 Caban Dratzo! The madness of this odd reality continues to bring forth constant new interpretations of how this world works. We are left in a quandary to figure it all out. Because of

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A Hathor Planetary Message: The Eye of the Storm

We are using the metaphor of a hurricane or cyclone to describe the situation your world is now facing. In the midst of the destructive power of these metaphorical “storms” there is a center place of silence. It is

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Arcturian Council: Giant Leaps Forward in Your Evolution

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. When you have an experience in your life that takes you to the edge of your ability to process, that is when you know you … Continue reading

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The Healing Power of Serotonin

Anyone that has children will tell you that they can be your greatest teachers, especially when you least expect it. Their issues (and they do have plenty of them that arise from time to time) force you to be a … Continue reading

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