Julian Assange to Trump’s CIA Director: We’re a Publisher of Intelligence

wikileaks-information-wants-to-be-freeWikileaks founder Julian Assange took the opportunity recently to respond to comments from President Donald Trump’s CIA Director Mike Pompeo claiming that Wikileaks is a “nonstate hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia.”  In his comments, he was

Montague Keen: Monumental Progress

montaguekeenHistory is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people who weren’t there. –George Santayana

Monumental progress is being made. People are fast learning how to connect and use their own power to change what needs to be changed. Recognising what must be

Message From the Masters: The World Waits

148955286878972Around the world on any given day people are waiting…for transport, for food, in a queue, for a long awaited baby; or they may be waiting for things to change in their lives for the better, for war to stop, for death to come or for a loved one to return home. Life on Earth is full of people waiting, hoping

The Council: Inspiration and Guidance

148831325812153William LePar’s source The Council says, “Words constitute nothing. Action is proof. It makes it so.” There are philosophies that state that the purpose of life is simply – to experience life. That is it. No right or wrong, good or bad, just experiences. I can say without a doubt that The Council

The Collective: Manifesting Skills

collectiveGreetings, Masters of Manifestation!

You are indeed such, though it may appear at times that you are stymied by one demand or another.

Perhaps a larger than usual bill has arrived, or your job offers few hours, or is gone completely now.

Message From Our Friends at Awakening Forums


I would like to focus on the subject of ET intelligence. Many within the community and “in the know” stumbled upon these types of understandings often through