Jeshua: Life, Consciousness and the Heritage of Ancient Egypt

sanandaDear friends, I am Jeshua. I salute you all at the bank of the Nile! I am so pleased to be with you.

As a family, we gather together time and again, in different places and within different cultures. There’s a common thread which unites and guides us; it is the thread of life and

New Moon 26 April 2017 The Dark Side

148555755827528The New Moon on Wednesday April 26, 2017 is at 6° Taurus. The New Moon April 2017 astrology exposes some dark and sinister energies that are often associated with strong leaders and dictators. The new moon fixed stars and planetary alignments make it easy to identify and understand

Montague Keen: The Tables Have Turned

montaguekeenThis is an important message for you, my friends. The tables have turned and the Cabal now finds itself in difficulties. Two sets of ETs prevented the recent missile attack. This operation will be repeated over and over, no matter who fires the missile. Control has been taken out of the hands of the Cabal. They are quickly coming to realise that their game is over. They

Angelic Guides: Are You Using Your Imagination The Way Your Soul Intended?

148320770580392Today we would like to focus your attention upon the vast topic of your imagination. All of you came here equipped with this magnificent tool and yet we watch as so many misuse it. We would like to take this time to briefly discuss the true purpose of your imagination and what you can do to ensure that you use it the way your soul had intended.

The Blue Spheres: Releasing Old Matrix

148986018277273Dear ones whilst speaking with a lovely friend of mine she said that I was surrounded by the Blue Spheres that are the Blue Beings of Sirius A – They are the Highest of the High.. Many are connected with the Archangels and the Elohim.

Feed Your Furry Friend A Tablespoon Of Organic Coconut Oil

animalsYou’ve probably heard a lot about the natural benefits of organic coconut oil and perhaps you’ve even experienced them firsthand, but have you ever considered giving it to your dog? It turns out that man’s best friend can also benefit from this potent natural remedy.