The Blue Spheres: Releasing Old Matrix

148986018277273Dear ones whilst speaking with a lovely friend of mine she said that I was surrounded by the Blue Spheres that are the Blue Beings of Sirius A – They are the Highest of the High.. Many are connected with the Archangels and the Elohim.

As I connected I connected deeply to the birthday of my beloved Rama – celebrations a bliss… I do love celebrations… yes there was celebrations in Sirius A yesterday and the energy is strong as I am aware of the celebrations continuing…

As I connected with the Blue Spheres (Blue Avian) … I picked up the following:-

Guardians – Sirius A and Central Galaxy working with the Universe as a whole.

Jaya Jaya Jaya Rama Rama Jaya Jaya – Anh-ash-athe-arha

Great Blue Lodge Sirius… Great Meeting – The Sirian Star Lords and Ladies Greet Thee…

With Humble Blessings Dear Lady of the Light….

We are the Blue Avian representing the Sirian High Council of Light.

We come through with love and we work with you. We have worked with your Earth since the beginning of time. We work with many other Planets and Star Nations throughout this Universe and beyond.

We stand and we watch and we heal. We are your Guardians.

There is a wider collective taking place on the Earth Planet at this time – many shifts and activations are taking place. Much releasing from the old paradigm – the old matrix that was keeping many souls imprisoned for so long.

Inner Earth Argartha my lady – much work to be done to anchor the 4th Ray Diamond Light Energy – this frequency is embedding now – working with the Agarthans at this time.

This may cause disruptions to your planet – the axis of the Earth Mother has shifted once more as we are making adjustments as your Earth is elevating now to a new frequency of Light and Vibration.

We send forth Healing to those that have been affected.

There is a change of energy sweeping the Earth at this time.

Many people are shifting and as they do the people in your life will shift – some will come some will go as your frequency and vibration shifts.

DNA Light Codes, Merkabic and Star Tetrahedron activations are coming forth – prepare updated meditations.

Pyramids of Light are activating dear ones within you all.

Work is being carried out at the pyramids in Egypt, South America and Antartica at this time.

Codes will come forth My Lady… Embrace.

We are the Blue Avian representing the Sirian High Council of Light we speak to you today Elaine.

» Channel: Elaine DeGirorgio – Posted per request via Email.