Mike Quinsey 4/14/2017

148573761543550The expected changes are taking place that are raising the vibrations, and it has been noted that your Sun appears much brighter with more of a white light. Certainly the vibrations are rapidly increasing and when they reach a certain point, Ascension will take place instantaneously. As mentioned previously, souls that are not

Melchizedek: How to Merge with Your True Identity

lord-melchizedekIt is my purpose, Lord Melchizedek, to awaken your inner remembrance at this time. I am present to stimulate the light within you so that truth may emerge from within your being, entering your conscious mind. You may call upon my presence at any time to work with you, inviting me to awaken your inner remembrance and stimulate the light within you, whether

The Arcturians: In the Midst of Great Transition

arc-councilDear Arcturians,

I have been in the midst of a great transition and have not yet settled into that NOW. However, I feel much more grounded now. Therefore, I was able to remember, “Hey Sue, why don’t you just ask the Arcturian for assistance.” So, finally

The New Temple of the Divine Self

vortexBlessings Beloved Light Tribe!

This timeline split is one of the more interesting projects I have worked on. The affect on my consciousness and experience is profound; it is another passage of I will never be the same as the lower self continues to fade.

Sun Quincunx Pluto Natal and Transit

148555755827528Sun quincunx Pluto in the natal chart makes for a most complex and complicated personality. Every choice you make and every personal encounter has deeper meaning and more profound ramifications than other people experience.