Sun Quincunx Pluto Natal and Transit

148555755827528Sun quincunx Pluto in the natal chart makes for a most complex and complicated personality. Every choice you make and every personal encounter has deeper meaning and more profound ramifications than other people experience.

Conscious awareness of this psychological cause and effect makes you a very serious and mature person. You have a deeper understanding of spiritual or karmic laws than most.

Knowing how important each turning point in life is, you try to affect outcomes using your considerable power and influence. Others can find this threatening and label you a control freak or manipulator.

You are, in fact, only trying to make you life and the lives of your loved ones better. What others see interfering or obsessive behavior is just your way of ensuring the best or safest outcome.

Too much negative feedback or curtailment of your powers and easily result in low self-esteem. You are susceptible to self hate and self-abuse, as if surrendering your power to a darker force.

Periodic visits to the dark side can result in drugs abuse, crime, prostitution or violence. Yet no matter how dark you get you can also tip the karmic scales to the light.

As the intensity or neurotic energy increases exponentially to a crisis point, an event or person will intervene. An evolutionary leap occurs at this point as the threat of extinction nears.

With age and experience the extremes in your life should moderate. You will learn your limits and seek compromise. Your life is a series of psychological transformations with the karmic aim of self-improvement and making the world a better place.

Sun Quincunx Pluto Transit

Transiting Sun quincunx Pluto is a turning point in life often felt as a mini crisis or threat. You may feel a buildup of pressure to an intense level that result in neurotic, obsessive or destructive behavior.

An event or person may trigger this tipping point by taking away your personal power. In relationships you could react by trying to control and manipulate the other person which would result in conflict and bruised egos.

This is an evolutionary process with karmic causes and implications. Compromise is needed as there are no yes or no answers only gray areas.

A positive response would be the sublimation your ego and letting go, trusting in a higher power. A negative response would be to cede your power to a darker force and prop up your ego with drugs, manipulation or violence.

This crisis, turning point or serious decision is best viewed as self-improvement exercise. You can transform your life for the better and have a positive effect on someone or humanity in general.

Sun Quincunx Pluto Celebrities

George Harrison 0°01′, Jane Fonda 0°18′, Robert Downey Jr 0°29′, Steve Earle 0°35′, James Dean 0°37′, John Edgar Hoover 0°39′, Christine Keeler 0°51′, Sir Thomas More 1°03′, Crystal Gayle 1°10′, Michael Nesmith 1°19′, M.C. Hammer 1°32′, Rodney King 1°40′, Michael Chang 1°49′, Phil Donahue 2°03′, Kevin Costner 2°10′.

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