Climate Change Myth SMASHED – Scientists Confirm Solar Activity Is A Significant Driver Of Earth’s Climate

148803891135543Results from a recent Swiss study suggest that fluctuations in the sun’s activity may provide insight to the apparent changes in the planet Earth’s climate. The study revealed that the Sun’s current activity is expected to diminish over time, which in turn may lead to slight reductions in global warming over the next few decades. According to researchers, these changes may result

The Lyran Council of Time: A Call to Connection

148320770580392Blessed Beings, as always it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness. For your awareness is the engine of connection that shapes Life. As you observe, Life responds to create with you, through you, because of you.

You have been granted this power to

Horus: When You Are Called To Service

149054254870556Just sat with my beloved Heru – his energy today is beautiful and strong…as I connected with him and my Sacred I AM Presence he came though me blending, and merging as he spoke… He showed me the times of Atlantis and reminded me of the good times and then of the fall… and then told me that we must

Energy Update – Increased Empathic Sensitivity

dna777You have a divine incarnation of empathy of great sensitivity, a holy encodement gift of sensory intuitive awareness that would enhance the vibratory field of humanity and awakening dormant Angelic Devic DNA intelligence and higher divine octaves. This would restore the holy kingdoms, brother and sisterhoods of light and Galactic heritage, creating the new earth and new

Lavender Oil has Potent Antifungal Effect

149213696141068Lavender oil could be a weapon in the fight against antifungal-resistant infections. The essential oil shows a potent effect against fungi responsible for common skin and nail infections.

Scientists tested lavender oil and found it to be lethal to a range of skin-pathogenic strains known as

Arcturian Council: Appreciate Your Energy

148332134341165Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It is appropriate for you to look within yourselves and experience pride. It is not egotistical to be proud of yourself. In fact, what we witness more often than not is how