North Korean Missile “Blows Up” During Launch; ET Intervention?

1485892238829KejRaj: We have read and heard from different sources, including my self, more than once, emphasizing that no nuclear or major war would be allowed to take place on Earth ever again. This will not be allowed by the Galactics and higher dimensional beings. All nuclear weapons have been disabled, dismantled by the Galactics.

There has been more than ten attempts by the Cabal in the not too distant past to start a nuclear war with China, in the Middle East, and other nations, all their plans have failed.

Now, any source at all, whether on the internet or mainstream media claiming that a nuclear war is near, is simply lying, is fear mongering, is unaware of the larger picture of the changes occurring on our world and beyond.

In this moment I ask ALL the alternative media sites to STOP giving energy to such ideas as WW3. These alternative media sites are supposed to be FOR THE PEOPLE, but instead they are putting out negative energy, fear, and feeding the Cabal’s ideas of WW3 just like the mainstream media has been doing for so long.

Stop titling your articles with “World War 3 Looms, Are You Ready?”, and many other negative, fear mongering titles worded differently. Please understand there is a huge difference between “spreading awareness” verses causing fear and giving energy to the exact thing we do not wish to occur.

Again, as we have stated above, major wars will not be allowed to take place, PERIOD. All that is necessary will be done to prevent such thing. But if WE continue to give energy to those ideas, it will only slow down, not stop, the process of change towards world peace, towards ascension.

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“U.S. Pacific Command detected and tracked what we assess was a North Korean missile launch at 11:21 a.m. Hawaii time April 15. The launch of the ballistic missile occurred near Sinpo.

The missile blew up almost immediately. The type of missile is still being assessed.

U.S. Pacific Command is fully committed to working closely with our allies in the Republic of Korea and in Japan to maintain security.

Additionally, Secretary of Defense Mattis says President Trump is aware of the situation and has “no further comment” on failed North Korean missile test.

The big question is whether Trump will retaliate while VP Pence is in South Korea.

As we detailed earlier, after Saturday came and went without any provocation out of North Korea on its national holiday, many asked if Kim Jong-Un had finally learned his lesson. Well, according to South Korean news agency, not only did Kim not learn any lesson – or heed Trump’s warning that a nuclear test or missile launch would be grounds for a US military strike – but Kim was not even successful in properly defying the US as according to the Joint Chiefs of the South Korean army,  North Korea fired an unidentified missile but the test failed. The incident occurred a day after Kim Jong Un oversaw an elaborate military parade in the center of Pyongyang as the world watched for any provocations that risk sparking a conflict with the U.S.”