Cleansing and Strengthening Your Aura

auralayersHaving worked as a Naturopathic Doctor and a Spiritual Advisor for over three decades I have learned a great deal about the energy fields in and around us.  I am able to see these auras on the people that I work with remotely as well as on someone that they are involved with. The word “aura” refers to a subtle field of electromagnetic energy which surrounds the body, extending as far as five feet in a person with healthy energy.

An unhealthy, depleted aura signals a manifestation of discord within the body, whereas a clean, vibrant aura reveals the presence of a compassionate and well-attuned consciousness. From a practical standpoint, auras help us acknowledge imbalances as they occur within both our spiritual and physical bodies.

One’s aura does not remain the same from year to year; in fact, they fluctuate every day based on the interaction of various psych-spiritual factors. If a person is suffering from a physical illness (like the flu, for example) the evidence would be visible in the appearance of the first aura layer. Fluctuating moods and emotions could be tracked by viewing the second layer of the aura, while issues relating to mental wellness may manifest as fluctuations to the third layer, and so on.

When it comes to auric energy field colors, there are a rainbow of hues in which auras manifest. In general, the clearer and more vibrant the color, the healthier the aura. Individuals with damaged auras may show holes and tears in their auric field, or murky, polluted colors that look “dirty.” An individual with a red aura may be extraordinarily passionate, while an orange aura usually represents a creative, dynamic individual. Green auras are often seen in empathetic people who are strongly connected to nature, while blue auras (a quite common color) represent a sense of relaxed calm in the individual. Predominant aura colors can fluctuate multiple times in one day based on what a person is doing or feeling.

Cleansing and Strengthening Your Aura

Even for the healthiest individual, it’s important to practice regular cleansing and strengthening of the auric field. Auras are magnetic in nature, accumulating environmental debris. Empaths often find they pick up energies from others that latch onto their own aura, which can be problematic for their physical and subtle bodies. To combat this, it’s important to perform regular auric cleansings. Smudging the aura with a bundle of white sage is an effective way to cleanse and strengthen the auric levels. Bathing in warm water infused with a cup or so of sea salt is another method (made even more effective by meditation during the bath.) Regardless of how you choose to cleanse and fortify your aura, it’s important to ground and center your energy through meditation and visualize your aura being healed, cleansed and imbued with a resilient strength.

Maintaining Auric Balance

Besides practicing regular aura cleansing and strengthening sessions (through smudging, sea salt baths and meditation,) it’s important to strive for auric balance. Working with (or even carrying) protective and healing crystals and gemstones like amethyst, quartz, amber and green tourmaline can help keep your aura in balance. Practicing healthy lifestyle habits is another good way to protect your aura and keep it in check. Your aura is your personal home security system – arm and ready your physical body with adequate sleep, enough sunlight, moderate exercise and nutritious whole foods. Avoiding negative people and situations also helps to bolster the power of your auric energy. Your body is a temple, remember to honor it as such.

Even though auric energy may be difficult to perceive with the naked eye, it is responsible for both regulating and balancing multiple systems within the body. Improving your intuitive abilities can help you clear your mind’s eye and better understand what your own aura says about the state of your own personal health. Cultivate the strength and vitality of your aura, and you can expect to be repaid in full as your newfound outer radiance shines on all those closest to you.

If you seek to transform yourself and improve the affectivity of your communication, contact me to learn more about the strength of your own spiritual energies and learn more about your aura.

If you seek to transform yourself and learn more about your aura contact me and book a session that will be life changing.

Many blessings, Cherokee Billie.

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