Twenty Signs You’re Becoming Your Higher Self

higherselfNow that you’ve woken up to the fact that you are here on a mission, that what you are to become is greater than anything you’ve ever imagined growing up, whether it was another person or event that woke you from your slumber, you know you are seeing the world through a set of brand new eyes. However, if you still need some clarity about whether you’ve begun to embody your higher self, simply follow these guidelines.

20 Signs that you’ve begun to embody your higher self

1. You know what your purpose is here on Earth
You know what you came here to do. There is no doubt. Perhaps you’ve quit your job, started a new career, gone back to school or even moved to the other side of the world to answer the calling. You no longer fit into the old paradigm and have released old ways of thinking.

2. You are mentally and physically lighter
For the first time in a long time, you feel more alive than ever. You feel motivated, inspired and invigorated. This is because you are finally accepting your genuine higher self with gratitude and happiness. It is possible you have recently and miraculously recovered from an illness or chronic aliment. Also, you find yourself eating healthy, nutritious food and are drawn toward positive vibrations and people.

3. Things are going much, much faster
When you want something or want to achieve something, it happens much more quickly. Around you is serendpity – the way the Universe sends you messages. This could come in the form of a movie, book, relationship, or a dream.

4. You attract who you need
You have found the people that needed to be found – your “Soul Family”. Even if you’ve only just met these individuals, you feel like you’ve known them for a very long time. They often appear when you need them most and offer exactly what you need.

5. You are comfortable with yourself
You have confidence in being YOU. Everything you say, do, and think is working in harmony with your inner self. You are a truly grateful person and it shows.

6. You can handle and appreciate your emotions
You feel how you feel and stop putting labels on emotions. Instead, you nurture your’s and other’s emotions.

7. You no longer seek attention in destructive ways
You love yourself and realize that in order for others to love you that loving and caring for yourself is a must.

8. You are no longer the victim
You’ve cast aside the victim mentality to focus on the laws of karma. You no longer blame others for your mistakes or life situation and take responsibility instead. Also, you know how to grateful for what you already have.

9. You feel connected to all life
You understand that all living things are connected. You understand that you, a tree, and an animal are all the same form of energy.

10. You use energy to heal yourself
You continuously use energy to remove anything blocking your body and mind and keeping your from optimum health and achieving your purpose here on Earth

11. You put your ego in your back pocket
You’ve left behind the rat race to work toward your calling.

12. You no longer care what others think of you
You are so confident, people’s thoughts about you no longer affect who you are or how you behave.

13. You let your heart guide you
While you appreciate and tolerate other’s ideas and opinions, you let your heart guide you in making the right decisions.

14. You are no longer afraid.
You don’t let fear keep you from accomplishing your goals.

15. You no longer idolize spiritual leaders
You lead your own path. You don’t need a guru.

16. You tell the truth
You stand firmly in your beliefs and do not lie to keep the peace.

17. Your relationships are healthy and deep
Because you have a healthy relationship with yourself, this manifests in all your relationships.

18. Your life is passionate
Where your life may have seemed dull before, it is now full of passion. You feel vibrant, healthy, and unstoppable.

19. You spread kindness and love
You don’t put people down. Instead you nourish others with kindness and love, just like you do yourself.

20. Every area of your life experiences abundance
You’re making money in ways you never dreamed of. You’re living a healthy life. And you find the universe rewarding you around every corner.

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