Mary Magdalene: Return To Balance

m maryGreetings my beloveds. Yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I come into the energy frequency today, I come with a bit of somberness, but I also come with a great deal of excitement and joy. I will explain to you, Dearest Ones, that this planet is undergoing a major transition, and each of you are going through a rebirthing. It may be difficult for you to understand that the cycles that are happening on this planet are affecting you both individually and collectively. Meaning these cycles and the evolutionary cycles that Mother Earth transitions in her evolutionary ascension also are affecting you, and you may not be aware of how deeply this affects you.

Some of you may be feeling a bit frazzled or restless or depressed or uncomfortable with the frequency of your life and how it is occurring at this time within your life. This is a part of the evolutionary transition that is happening upon this planet as Mother Earth is making her shift from one dimensional frequency to another. And she is returning back to balance. This has been a bit, as they say, topsy-turvy, as if she is like a top that is spinning and in many ways, not out of control, but trying to find rebalance again. You may understand and be aware of all of the Earth changes and the erratic weather patterns. And also this has been affected by the collective thoughtforms of the individuals upon the planet. There is more fear that is taking place at this time, because of the uncertainty of the safety of the planet and many of the world leaders who seem to be out of control. The collective consciousness of humanity is simply being affected by the collective thoughtforms, and so, Dear Ones, you are also being affected by the collective thoughtforms of those around you and of the earth.

So today, we wish to infuse within you and bring each of you the energy and the essence of my daughter Sarah, as if you are now being brought forth a strand of balance within your own personal lives. Bringing harmony and balance into your physicality, into your mental mind, and into all aspects of your being. As you may understand, our daughter Sarah represents the energy of the Holy Grail, she is the symbolic representation of the Missing Grail, simply meaning that she holds the key to balance and peace and union that mankind has been searching for since they have fallen from Grace, since the separation of Oneness. And so, Dear Ones, it is of great importance that you understand that upon this day, my Sarah, myself, and Yeshua are here to infuse this powerful frequency of Divine Union, balance, and Holy Grace into your being. So we ask you to take a deep inhaling breath and begin to breathe in this essence of Union, Divine Union, Holy Union, breathing this energy into your heart, breathing this energy into your soul, breathing this energy into the essence and into the remembrance of who you truly are. Breathing in the energy of the living light of God, breathing in the energy of my daughter Sarah, breathing in the energy of that which she holds as the template for balance and peace. And so at this time, we ask that you imagine, if you can, in your mind’s eye, my daughter standing before you, and as she places her hand upon your third eye, she balances not only your pineal gland but your pituitary gland, your thymus, your hypothalamus, and with the imprint of her frequency, she’s infusing this powerful symbol of the lemniscus, the balance, of the union of the Oneness, that is instilled inside of your being.

Remember, Dear One, when each of you chose to come to this planet as powerful spirits, you held your remembrance of Oneness, and then over time the veils, the separation, have caused you to feel fear and separation from your truth. And so, today, my beautiful Sarah is gifting you with this remembrance, activating the essence of the Holy Union once again inside of you. Do not discount the power of this, do not discount the power that is held within your own remembrance. It is difficult for each of you to hold your frequency in this state of balance, in this chaotic world, and with all these distractions and stimulus, and stimulation, what is happening not only in your personal lives, but collectively in the world. And so we offer this gift to you to protect you, to assist you, and so that you may have a compass or a guide that is now stronger to help you and to guide you along your way. And so, Dear Sarah places her hand gently on your forehead, opening up your third eye, your all-seeing eye, so that your visions and your clairvoyant ability become more activated and more potent. As Grand spoke last week, it is important to connect to your guides, master teachers and Angels. It is of great importance that you have all the tools that you need so that you can move along this pathway with grace and ease, without difficulty, without strife, without stress. So that you may live in joy and be at peace. It is of grave importance that you hold the faith and hold the commitment to yourself. Know that you are not separated, that you are not alone, you have not been forsaken, and you do have your compass, your connection to the Great Creator. It has never been severed, Dear Ones, it has simply dimmed, muted. Today, my Sarah is activating this energy and offering you this beautiful cup, the Holy Grail. Drink from it, drink from the cup of union.

It is what our book speaks of, returning to union with yourself, finding the connection of peace inside of yourself, and knowing that the contentment of living from your true spirit essence is your birthright and is your Divine Right as you live upon this Earth plane, just as your beautiful Lemurians do, just as the underground people do in the center of the Earth, living in balance and harmony, this is your birthright. And yet, you see the surface population has suffered with the disillusion that this cannot be. And so, we reinforce to you the importance that you are connected, shall remain forever connected to your true Divinity. It is a gift we offer to you today, we ask that you hold it within your heart, breathing it in, and connecting once again. Just as the channels were open last week to connect to your Higher Self, your Master Guides, your Angels, we are now reinforcing this as Dear Sarah connects to you, and return to Oneness. With each passing day, each of you will be gifted with greater peace. I will repeat, with each passing day, each of you will be gifted with peace. It is of grave importance that you hold this within your consciousness. I am peace. I am love. I am whole. I am balanced. I am peace, I am love, I am whole, I am balanced. I am peace, I am love, I am whole, I am balanced.

As you strengthen this inside of yourself, the connections that have been made will continue to strengthen, and the worry and the fear and the disconnect from your own knowingness will begin to dissipate. The fear will begin to dissipate. And you shall trust within yourself. And the inner gnosis, the inner knowing that all is in order and all is as it should be. You see, Dearest Ones, your life is guided by your Higher Self, this is your commitment to yourself, to your soul, to your pathway. This is the commitment to peace. This is the commitment you have made so many eons and eons ago. I will return to peace, I will return to balance, I will return to union. As a spirit, when you made the choice to come to the Earth plane and forget your connection, you knew that you would remember. You were not afraid. And so, this is what we are saying today, you’ve already made this commitment to yourself, I will remember union. Today, this is being gifted to you by our beloved Sarah. I remember union. It is important to remain present and joyful in the moment. Live in the moment. Feel the excitement of joy running through your body. Feel the anticipation that you are becoming alive again with the frequency of your spirit. Can you imagine your spirit, the excitement of your spirit running through your body at full capacity, not just living your life, and taking your life for granted, wishing your life away, or simply being afraid to live in the full capacity of your knowingness as the beautiful spirit that you are.

So, we ask you to make this commitment to yourself again, I remember union, I remember my connection, I remember how powerful I am, I remember how connected I am, I remember how loved I am, I remember the joy of living in balance, I remember my own magnificence, I remember my true glory. And just because you may not be recognized for your magnificence, and even if you cannot see your own magnificence or feel it, it does not mean that you are not magnificent, because that is truth. You are all magnificent, powerful, spiritual beings of light who have chosen to come to this Earth plane, to sacrifice your oneness and return to love, giving so much of yourself, and sharing your light to illuminate the world. One person at a time, you have given and given and given and given, and truly, Dearest Children, it is your time to receive, and this is why we come today, it is why Sarah comes today. You are gifted with remembrance of your beauty, of your commitment, of your undying love for this planet and her planet and all of creation.

The Earthly entrapments are many. But we ask you today to rise above them and see if you can feel your spirit rising above your Earthly concerns, your Earthly entrapments, and you are living as a free agent, a free spirit, a powerful soul. If, in this moment, you can tap into your brilliance and your magnificence, for a moment, allow it to ignite the excitement and the joy within you. I remember union. Can you feel the excitement of returning to balance, and what that would feel like, what it would look like, how you would be free? Free from the entrapments of your own mental concerns and worries, knowing that you are provided for, you are taken care of, your life is in divine order. What you choose in conscious choice every moment, we are asking you to choose peace, to choose union. I choose peace, I choose balance, I choose wholeness, I choose oneness. And with each breath that you take, it will infuse this powerful energy into your being. You see, Dearest Ones, this is a conscious choice, to reunite. And, Dearest Children, so many may not understand this, how powerful it is to be free. This is the freedom that you were born with, and Dear Ones, do not entrap yourselves into believing that you are not magnificent and that you have no control over your lives, because you have more control than your realize. Conscious decisions. You may say I consciously choose peace, I consciously choose joy, I consciously choose love, I consciously choose to remember the power of my beautiful spirit. And so today, as Sarah activates your third eye, you will begin to see visions and know your pathway, very clearly, each of you will follow this pathway, consciously, subconsciously, you will be guided. I repeat, consciously or subconsciously you will be guided, you will follow your pathway, and you shall be free.

Each day, as you settle into the remembrance that you are more powerful than you can imagine yourself to be, you will be able to create and co-create and manifest and live your life with ease, effortless, Divine Union, Holy Grace, Divine Union, Holy Grace. It was difficult during my lifetime, as I’ve described in my book, to find the balance and the peace and the union in myself, for our lifetimes were difficult, preparing Yeshua for his crucifixion and resurrection, and with his travels. But I did, with the assistance of my daughter, begin to find that Holy Union inside of myself and find peace. And this is what we offer to you, we know how important it is for each soul to return to balance. Because we struggled, we know your struggles. We feel your pain, for we had the same pain. We know your yearning, for we had our own.

And so today, Dearest Ones, I come to help you, for we love you deeply. Your success, your peace of mind, is our peace of mind. Your ability to manifest, your ability to create and to bring peace in your life affects all of us. What you do affects another. I know you’ve heard this many times before, but it is of deep truth. And so, we are calling on all the light workers to return to peace, so peace shall prevail upon this planet. This is a tall order, but it will be done, one soul at a time, one spirit awakening to their inner light. Let your light shine so others may see, and be the bright light that awakens another. Take the hand of your brother and sister and assist them along their pathway. Show them the way, be not afraid. I will step back momentarily, for Sarah wishes to speak at this time.

Dear Ones, yes, it is I, Sarah. I come on this most auspicious day to tell you how important it is that this planet and all of humanity return to balance. My mother and father sacrificed in each of their lives to help each of you. Their undying love for humanity continues on. I come as one of their representatives to show you and to bring you the understanding of how deep commitment and self-sacrifice has made a difference on this Earth plane. I come as a representative for my mother and my father, and today, as I anchor my frequency of Divine Union into the Earth, I ask that you stand with me. I am directly aligned with your North Pole, and am aligning balance into your North Pole. The one named Kryon is directly aligned at the South Pole, and there is a powerful alignment with the Earth plane at this time, stabilizing her energy and returning balance to Mother Gaea. The Plieadians and the Arcturians are also here assisting, stabilizing your energy. This is not to frighten you, but without our assistance there could be a major polar shift and your planet would simply tumble over and chaos would ensue.

And so today, Dearest Children, we are holding the balance here at the North and South Poles for the Earth to remain in balance, and we are calling each of you to step up and assist, and remain centered, and calm, and balanced, and in peace. For the next 30-45 days, there is much that is going to be recalibrated. Not only in your personal lives, but collectively upon this Earth plane. And we need you to be what we call our foot soldiers, to hold the balance, for that is where peace is needed. Your strength is needed at this most difficult time upon the Earth plane. Mother Gaea’s ascension from the lower frequencies of the third dimension are being transmuted, and as my Mother said initially, you may have felt the discordant energies affecting you. But today, we are holding the space so that you may remain balanced and at peace, just as Kryon and Mother Gaea, and the Arcturians and Plieadians are holding the balance as she recenters herself. She is recentering and returning to a beautiful equilibrium. The center of gravity has been altered, and as Mother Earth cries out for her children to help her, we’ve heard the call, and we ask you to assist. It may be difficult to comprehend, the Earth Mother’s cries for help, but they are very real, just as your cries for help are very real. And we hear them and we come to help you.

And we’ve come to help her. I do not wish to create any discomfort, I’m just here helping you to understand the importance of my role of bringing balance to this planet and to you, individually and collectively. Kryon has been very busy bringing this frequency and returning the electromagnetic field so that gravity can be restabilized. Do not take your lives for granted, but be in honor and in gratitude for everything that you are being offered on this Earth. From the food, the air, the water, the Earth that you walk upon, it is all magnificent, just as you are. I will take my leave and allow my Mother to finish speaking, but I wish for you to know that we love you deeply, we are always looking after you and watching after you, and it is our undying commitment to help the planet to return to balance and peace. She is struggling, as we see that you are as well, but there is no need, for all is in order, all is as it should be. Look only for the good in life, and the good in life will find you. Seek only peace, and only peace will find you. And return to the remembrance of how magnificent you are, and the magnificence shall find you. Go now, my Dear Ones, I thank you for your time, and I thank you for your attention.

Dear Ones, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I come to finish up our message of the day, how important it is to center your hearts in the remembrance of the totality of all that you are. Today, I ask you to hold your frequency at the highest level that you are able to hold it. Bridge the two worlds, of heaven and Earth into your life. Know that you are heaven, you are Earth. And live in this connection, the magnificence and the brilliance of life here on Earth, your life is to be filled with all the fruits of the spirit, letting your light shine and the joy to unfold. Now, as my daughter has come forth and activated your third eye, and imprinted within you and re-centered you as well, returning you to balance, you will be vibrationally aligned with Mother Earth as she is now also returning to balance. And you are partners and stewards of Mother Earth, and you are co-creators with her, in this journey of bringing peace and balance and love once again to our beloved Terra. Know, my children, the power of that which has been brought forth today, it is of great significance that you return to love, loving self, honoring self, and feeling the magnificence of your being. I am magnificent. And so, Dearest Ones, we are so honored to share these gifts with you today, for hold them dear to your heart, be still, be still, be still, and know, my children, that you are deeply, deeply loved. My Yeshua, my Sarah, and all my children, we honor you, we bless you, and we thank you for your willingness to serve and to be served, and until we speak again, feel the peace, feel the union, feel the balance, feel the love, and let your light shine so others may see. And now, Dearest Children, go in peace.

» Source – Channel: Rev. Lea Chapin