Horus: Turn of Events

horusIf you all were to go about your business and make a turn or two that felt good, then you would be in the space that brings about a good feeling of what your life is about right now. It is a matter of being true to yourself and bringing a good template to your story.

As far as the rest of the story is there is a turn of events that is coming that will bringing about the loveliest way of living that you have known since being on this planet. I speak of the reunion with yourselves, and the times of goodness that you will create and feel in every moment. It is a matter of the old being just that, the old. It is time for the new to be in every second and to imitate the previous one in the energy of rightness.

When I say rightness I say that there is no ‘wrong’ in the decisions that you come to that come from your inner self and make you feel good. It is a long way from being in the advantage of taking guidelines from others, especially when they don’t feel good. Make your own guidelines. If they are in the coincide with others then you are on an interesting track that can lead you to a harmonic adventure that will always be in the advantages of not only you, but others as well.

I am with you now to encourage you to follow your heart and your good feelings that will bring to you the best life in every moment that you can make. If something comes to you from a decision that you’ve made that may not seem right, then see it from the standpoint as a way to be able to determine what the next decision will be. It is a genuine journey of Love that is in your pathway. Take that journey on with your own guidelines, even if they might match others. They are then in harmony, and in the flow of creation.

This is just one of the small conversations that I wish to share with you today. As we all go about our journeys we will cross each other’s paths, and smile and hold hands, hug and even walk along with each other for a certain distance or purpose. It is the time for us all to go our ways in the energies that feel right for us first, and then can flow on to others who are in our lives.

I am Horus and I am with you in this day to bring about a new beginning for us all together. We are One in destiny, and in the moment of Love that we all share. I am at peace, in joy and live in Love with all of you. On with your journey in the essence of your true selves! Love is all there is.

Thank you dear Horus,

Much love, Nancy Tate.

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