Arcturian Council: Uniting the Galaxy

arcturian councilGreetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have awakened within you a sense of your connection to the other parts of the galaxy where you have incarnated previously. We, and others like us, are making it possible for you to travel to the far reaches of the galaxy without needing to actually leave your physical homes. This experience for you is meant to trigger within you memories of living on other worlds, and we can see that you are responding to the energies that we transmit and that you are taking what we are giving to you and incorporating it into your consciousness and your sense of self.

This is an awakening that occurs in tiny steps and monumental leaps. You can expect to receive more communication through your dreams of the lifetimes that you have lived in the Arcturian star system and in all of the other star systems in your galaxy. When you look within yourself for evidence of what we are saying, all you need to do is feel for the diversity that exists within the human being.

You are such diverse creatures with so many different ways of being in the world. Each of you has known yourselves as several different beings throughout the course of one lifetime, and you can count on shifting that sense of who you are even more in the coming months and years.

This revelation that you have about yourselves and your origins is not meant to get you to want to leave Earth behind. We are not attempting to lure you off planet or to give you the impression that you are supposed to be somewhere else in the galaxy. We want you all to see yourselves as the ones who are uniting beings from all different parts of the galaxy, beings that come in different forms, shapes, and sizes.

We want you to look within yourselves for that sense that you are in fact meant for something big, meant to unite the galaxy. And you are also meant to continue to spread yourselves and your DNA around to allow others in this galaxy to feel what the Earthly experience is like. You are captivating to us, as we are to you, and it is the mutual interest that we have in each other that continues to bring about the expansion of the galaxy and the universe.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

» Source – Channel: Daniel Scranton