How You Got Here

starseedsHave you ever wondered how you happened to be born in these pivotal and auspicious times? Just as important, have you thought about the events that set in motion the fortuitous life circumstances you would have this lifetime? Continue reading to better understand how you got here, and potentials for this life set in motion a long time ago.

Time to Remember

Our world is in turmoil now, with sudden and intense happenings unfolding regularly. Simultaneously, humanity is in an accelerated wake-up mode. We just moved through another energy threshold at Wesak, too, catalyzing mega shifts in consciousness and bringing new information to light.

Your Higher Self has a wisdom about these times and your personal journey that in some ways was predestined because of your past experiences on the Earth. It is time to tune into this wisdom – time to remember key events leading to now.

As things around you become more intense, you will benefit from learning more about your larger role for being alive now. It’s much more than your job or other traditional roles.

One way to begin understanding the larger picture of your being here now is to explore key portions of your soul’s journey that were like a set up for now. These include pivotal or flashpoint lifetimes that accelerated your awakening.

Most likely, at least one of these flashpoint lifetimes took place in ancient Lemuria, Atlantis, or Egypt. In those civilizations, you may have mastered multiple skills, and received sacred teachings involving the nature of life and the afterlife. A memory of what you learned is still in your DNA today.

Another kind of flashpoint past life is one when you were fortunate enough to study with a great spiritual master. Whatever you learned then became seeds for your enlightenment over time, and leading to today.

3 Things to Keep in Mind

Here are three things to keep in mind as you contemplate how you got here and what your flashpoint past lives mean for you today.

FIRST, know that there was an intricate orchestration of many events that led to your being on Earth now. Don’t overthink this, but understand that your being alive now is very purposeful.

SECOND, while it’s important to live in the present, you will benefit by studying history – of the Earth, societal changes, and some of your key lifetimes that paved the way for your being here today.

THIRD, know that all of your lifetimes before – including the flashpoint ones – led to your current incarnation. That includes the time and place you were born, and the general circumstances of your birth family and upbringing.

Consider this. You wouldn’t have wanted to miss this lifetime, with its enhanced potentials and opportunities. You wanted to be here for yourself, but you also wanted to come to help the world awaken. You on some level knew that as you awakened, your progress would help loved ones and indeed the entire world.

That truly is what happens. Your more enlightened energy becomes a bright light for others. That light goes out across space and time in a quantum way. Do not underestimate the power of this light to shift the world out of darkness.

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