New Moon In Gemini 25th May, A Gateway To Your Dreams. Magic In The Air!

astroscopeNew Moon in Gemini 25th May at 4 degrees, 8.44 Pm UT.

A powerful portal, a finger of God aspect opens up together with this New Moon in Gemini that is active over a three day period. The Yod or so-called finger of God aspect looks similar in form to a pyramid. At this New Moon, Jupiter, the Planet of good luck and fortune is sitting at the apex of the pyramid with both Neptune in Pisces and Mercury in Taurus, the ruler of the New Moon, forming the base.

Crowned by Jupiter, your wildest dreams are just within your reach. A Yod brings fateful and karmic opportunities, adventures, abundance and new people and often life-changing new beginnings into our lives.

It will help you to be in the right place at the right time, the Universe conspires to make magic happen and synchronicities abound.

So pay special attention to the people you meet and to any opportunities or offers that may come your way.

With Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune taking part in the Yod, we are being asked to think big, expand beyond our limitations with vision and compassion for ourselves and others. The Universe does half of the work, but we have to actively work with it to make things happen. When fortune comes knocking at our door, we have to be able to open the door and let him in. So open your minds and your hearts. Ultimately we are responsible for our own happiness and co-creating it.

A Yod contains powerful, but tense energy that has to be released and compels us to take immediate action and has great potential for spiritual evolution and increased awareness.

The New Moon in Gemini, the sign of the rational thinker, can help us to detach a little and consider our options as we may feel that we are faced to make a decision confronted with varied options. Making this a decisive and fateful time. Our wisdom and insights gained over the recent Venus and Mercury retrograde phase will help to guide us through any decision making process.

As the Yod is a fateful and karmic aspect, the North Node of Fate in Leo also plays an important role. The Yod aspect, is indeed being wonderfully supported by the North Node which forms a positive Grand fire trine to Saturn and Uranus, supporting all new beginnings and changes with long-term success. This grand trine lasts until October 2017, so anything new started now, or even a complete new start in life within the next few weeks, has an enormous chance of success.

The future belongs to those who believe in the quality of their dreams.
– Eleanor Roosevelt

While the New Moon can feel exuberant and optimistic and chances abound, it can also bring a lot of nervous energy with it. Gemini can sometimes feel highly strung, and Venus in Aries is adding to the nervous excitement as she is coming up close to Uranus and also makes a tense square to Pluto. This can make for exciting and passionate energy. New encounters can feel magnetically and erotically charged.

Venus in Aries goes aggressively after what she wants and desires to experience some excitement before she settles down to a more calmer, relaxed energy when she enters Venus in Taurus on the 6th June. However, this is also an aspect that can bring some power struggles with it, especially as Mars is coming up to a tense opposition to Saturn. Suggesting that the next two weeks can bring a phase of adjustment and the New Moon in Gemini is asking us to be adaptable, stay open minded and not to resist changes that are happening in our lives.

It’s important to be aware of how we might be giving our power away to others, especially in Love. People who insist on staying in old toxic patterns of behaviour will find that they come up against huge resistance. We need to be aware of not self-sabotaging our own happiness by re- running the old fearful patterns of behaviour.

The Saturn in Sagittarius opposition to Mars in Gemini that will be active over the next two weeks, insists that we speak our truth and come from a place of integrity. For those who have not been playing with open cards, we will see the truth being revealed and coming to light. Especially true on a political level.

Life can feel fast paced now and during the next two weeks, as Mars in Gemini is out of bounds and moving at lighting speed. Life may even feel at times as though things are beyond our control, but ultimately we are being taken to the next level and new destination. If you encounter some challenges over the next two weeks, remember that challenges always give us an opportunity to grow beyond our own limitations.

Challenges are where the magic happens.

Jupiter wants us to think and dream big, so spread the wings of your imagination wide and let your mind soar. Big dreams light your inner fire and provide the ongoing fuel for your burning desire. With Venus square Pluto our passion is ignited. Whatever we do, it has to come from a place of passion.

“Respond to every call that excites your spirit.”
– Rumi

The Butterfly is symbolic of the sign of Gemini. An important message carried by the New Moon is about the ability to go through important changes with grace and lightness. The Butterflies unwavering acceptance of her metamorphosis is also symbolic of faith. Here the butterfly beckons us to keep our faith as we undergo transitions in our lives and emphasises the ability to move from one state, perspective, lifestyle to another with adaptability.

Life is about evolving and actively creating change, as well as learning how to go with the flow when inevitable change comes our way.

“It’s the ends of the world,” said the caterpillar. “It’s the beginning of the world,” said the butterfly.

Life is a moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to evolve constantly. Perfection is constant transformation.

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