A Simple Heads Up

If you hold any of the so called precious currencies such as Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, Zimbabwe Dollar;

  1. DO NOT under any circumstance give your money to any group or organization that asks to HOLD the money for you or that claim ‘group exchanges’ are the way.
  2. DO NOT join any group or organization NOW or ever that asks you to pay any FEE for membership, and claims to be working for the future of/ healing humanity and Earth.
  3. DO NOT forget, when this RESET happens, you are either a multimillionaire, billionaire or a trillionaire. So you really do NOT need to join anyone or anything. Instead others should and WILL come to YOU. The Universe will direct you and send/attract to you the right people.
  4. Set up YOUR own PROJECT, and be ready, be patient. You don’t need to give into anything. Especially the idea that you being incompetent of handling all that wealth. You are more than worthy, MORE THAN ABLE to handle anything. That is why YOU were chosen. The Universe believed in you, why would YOU not believe in YOURSELF?