Cosmic Energy Shift and Mercury Direct

astrology7 eraoflightMercury is now moving direct, and that is good news!

What makes this moment even more dynamic are several additional cosmic activations.

  • Mercury is changing directions on the SAME degree that the recent August 21 total Solar Eclipse took place on – 28° Leo.
  • 28° reduces to 10/1, September is a 19/ 10/1 Universal Month, 2017 is a 10/1 Universal Year
  • Mars just crossed the SAME 28° Leo mark on Sunday, September 3.
  • The Pisces Full Moon (only hours away) has the Moon in Pisces merged with Neptune (Neptune is the ruler of Pisces) – a super strong water-related theme!

What synchronicity!

It’s so dynamic, that the energetic shift is irresistible…

You are starting to live each moment as if it was the only one you had.

Nothing is distracting you from the moment at hand.

And that means, what you are being, thinking about and doing right now is irreversible. Never will this moment – any moment – repeat again.

The transformational energy will continue to strengthen over the next days, with the culminating Pisces Full Moon in just hours, and as Mercury begins its forward momentum again.

Let’s look more closely at the 28° Leo (Total Solar Eclipse) degree.

Much has been stirred up and brought to the surface since the eclipse cycle in August, especially that big Solar Eclipse two weeks ago. Energetically we have entered a new stream of consciousness which is stimulating an Awakening to a greater degree than ever.

The changes are personal and global – extending to us all – but as always divinely planned.

Clearly this Solar Eclipse continues to leave a major legacy.

  • Just two days ago, on September 3, Mars ALSO landed at 28° Leo.
  • Now, Mercury is literally at a standstill at 28° Leo.
  • The Eclipse happened at 28°53’ – almost 29° Leo.

In astrology, 28 and 29 degrees in any sign are considered “critical” degrees. Any planet or the Sun is greatly enhanced, having a greater impact.

It also activates the fixed star Regulus, which resides at 29° 50’ in Leo.

Regulus governs honor, courage, high spiritual goals, generosity, ambition and royalty. Thus, we are being held to our intentions – meaning, what you focus on is happening pretty instantly. The impact of your intentions are remarkably clear.

2017 is a 10 Universal Year – which carries the same message of Instant Manifestation!

In rapid times of change it is important to balance the swirling energy with a practice of conscious action and plenty of time for meditation and relaxation so you can acclimate to the changes in a graceful, flowing

Every thought, action, feeling is creating a powerful ripple effect.

An energetic restructuring is pervading every moment, every decision.

Maybe your life feels a bit on “stand-by” mode at this time. So much is being reorganized, and the restructuring can feel somewhat disorienting, for sure. You may feel lost or disillusioned. Just be patient and breathe through those moments.

Keep in mind that each new step is BOTH an acclimation and an activation.

Getting acclimated to the new vibrational weather means acquiring a new energetic wardrobe.

As you align to the undeniable shift, you’ll discover a new way of expressing yourself.

Today Mars moves into Virgo (leaving dramatic Leo behind!), while Mercury stations and starts moving forward again. This is lifting the energy (before the Pisces Full Moon) which is a wonderful and welcome development.

Notice if you are attracted to new ways of using language, that just feels better!

Or you may get fresh perspective that surprises you.

It’s all part of the overall “ripple effect”.

Go within to that place of love and peace. Relax. Be with the energy that supports you, inspires you, motivates you. You don’t need to understand where the energy is coming from.

Trust, all is well.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle.


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