New Powers or Ineffective Actions?

thebluerayDear Ones,

There is no right or wrong action, merely who you are – as is true for others.

Many of you believe that disliking groups or cultures is wrong. Before you label something right or wrong, you need to view the larger picture of why those labels are applied.

Someone might be playing out a long ago memory. Or they might need to address personal fears related to another culture before they sense the oneness of all.

Perhaps you question such motives, feeling deep within you that others should know how terrible it is they are labeling others bad, evil or wrong. Are you not doing the same? For you want others to think and act as you do thereby, telling those who do not that they are wrong.

It is time for a larger approach to your personal beliefs. So it is you are beginning to understand that even though you do not agree with another’s beliefs, you grant them the right to have those beliefs. Such is how the prejudice against others you see on your media screens will

Such a concept is counterintuitive to what you have learned. For your teachings have been about either acquiescing to others or attacking them – to be a caretaker or victim. Neither of which is applicable for those of 4D or beyond.

Perhaps you still believe you are right and others are wrong. That you have the correct answers and the world will not be of love and peace until all share your beliefs.

Throughout this transition, we have informed you that you are unique as are all other beings. The concepts of uniqueness and wrongness do not blend together. For once you accept love within your being, you will accept that others might need to explore pieces you no longer wish to explore.

Of course, such actions mean others might be harmed physically, spiritually or emotionally. Such is so because both parties continue to play victim or caretaker roles. You are not part of those clearings – unless you are called to action within yourself.

Perhaps you are called to protest – or not. Allow that to be. For injecting yourself into a situation that is not part of your process is to take yourself off track as well as the others involved.

This is a difficult concept for many to understand as you view the anger and violence projected on your media screens or in your neighborhood. What does your heart tell you to do? That is your direction.

Perhaps your heart, your inner-being calls you to action because you felt like a victim in this life or others. Perhaps it is your caretaker song that is ringing in your head.

If an action is of your inner-being, it is time to interject yourself into the fray. But if it is a ‘should’ thought process, “I should care for this group of people,” it is not something you need to act upon in 5D or beyond. Such a calling is more about 3D role-playing.

You continue to believe you must rescue others even though it might be time for them to rescue themselves. Of course, such a thought seems counterintuitive for you believe that others are not strong enough or do not have large enough numbers to rescue themselves. That only with large numbers can discrimination and hate (as you view hate) be shifted to love.

Such thoughts indicate you continue to believe you are a savior of others less wise or strong than you.

That is not to say if your heart calls you to step into the fray, it is wrong for you to do so. But instead, that you need to float your ideas of stepping into the fray within your being, your heart, to determine if doing so is right for you or merely a continuation of your caretaker role.

Perhaps your thoughts are that without your support in whatever way feels most right to you, others will not be able to remove their shackles. We must remind you that you removed your shackles without support from other earth beings to become the forerunners of this transition.

That is not to say you cannot support others physically, but instead to remind you of your greatest support mechanism – your inner being. If you continue to believe you must support others because they are too weak to do so themselves, you will encourage them to be weak. If you send loving thoughts to those same beings, they will find their inner strength and love – if they wish

Your role changed dramatically once you crossed the 5D Rubicon. In 3D, you needed to control others or yourself. In 5D, you function much as we did for you during your initial transition, providing you with inner messages of your strength and our love.

Even though you are different than you were in 3D, you need reminders in some aspects of your life including that of helping others in what you feel are the clutches of mean people. Send them strength through your inner thoughts, and you will help them break their victim or caretaker patterns.

You are stronger than you have ever been. Because of that strength, you have much more power to help yourself and others with thoughts of love than you did marching or protesting physically.

Send love, and you help bring about a loving life for yourself and others. Send fear and hate, and you replicate what has happened for eons of lifetimes on earth. So be it. Amen.


» Source – Channel: Brenda Hoffman