HeavenLetters: You Believe in Thoughts

heavenlettersGod said:

Whither thou goest? You go from where you came. You come precisely back to Me.

However, the joker is that you never parted from me in the least.

You thought so, yes, for you believe in coming and going, left and right, somewhere and nowhere, up and down, backwards and forwards, in something and nothing and all the variations.

You believe in thoughts going back and forth.

You believe in many erstwhile matters and the realness of such things as Life and death and Life or death.

You may have so much belief and faith in Love, as it so happens, yet you doubt the Truest of All which is Love Beyond the Bounds of Earth. You may almost believe, yet not quite.

You may be a part-time believer the same as you are a part-time skeptic. You doubt both your Beliefs and your Doubts. You are an erstwhile Doubter, the same way as you may like your coffee half and half with cream. Of course, this is your choice, and, My Dears, you have chosen as you will. You are half-committed to whatever you are committed to – you have one foot on a train track and the other up in the air waiting before it puts itself down.

You are a Klondike prospector. You’d like to find gold. You’d like to be right, yet you don’t want to be wrong either. You want to be right beyond a doubt, and this is how you may dither with your Life, invaluable as it is.

Of course, you don’t see your life as an Ever-Present Continuum as yet. You see Life On or Off, Here or There. You see Life as a Once in a While Thing. Surely you see Life as separate pieces of pie, and each pie different. You count time in partitions when the wholeness of time is that there is none. You count time as though it were real. You keep peeking at your watch. You cannot imagine what you would do if you couldn’t squeeze time or expand time into segments as you do, the same with space. If there were no space, where would art exist?

Where does art exist now? It exists now in your Consciousness. In Reality, there is no Out There in front of you nor an Out There behind you or Anywhere at all or Anything at all on Earth. You drizzle in Consciousness. That’s how two people can look at the same movie and see a different movie. This is how one person can see himself surrounded in Love and another see himself in a desert without an oasis. Life on Earth is all seemingly.

This is how one person can count sheep, and another fall asleep the minute his head hits the pillow.

What is concrete and what is abstract? Ask your Consciousness. It will tell you, or, you may draw a blank.

All the while, none of it matters. None of it really matters. It seemingly is the Luck of the Draw at the same time as the Deck of Cards appears to be loaded.

Sometimes you do see what it is to go nowhere even when you are a prospector in a Gold Rush. There is nowhere to go and nowhere to come back from. There is a Never Never Land.

In this case, all I can say is that you are Never Anywhere but with Me. As God is My Witness, My Self, I say this.

There are answers. In actuality, there is no question to be answered because it was never asked and who would there be to ask it to?

There is, of course, just the same, Much Ado about Nothing. This is the case because there is Nothing at All really to make much ado about. There are no Ins, and there are No Outs.

There is Being, a Still Waterfront.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff